Hi folks, a very quick post this morning. I took delivery of a new toy yesterday, a HS-E420 Spray booth (wtf?!?). I’ve always struggled a bit with spray painting – I’m too lazy to go outside to do it, (plus the weather has been crap), but I’m lucky enough to have a garage… trouble is, I had to rely on holding my breath and spraying in very short bursts. I ended up giving myself a headache while spraying up the last Valkyrie – there was a lot of spray painting required and I must have breathed in some fumes. Now, I love my hobby, but I have no wish to damage my health over toy soldiers… a solution was needed! A quick bit of interwebbery, and I found the HS-E420 Spray booth for mid £80s:


(note: don’t position the exhaust like in the photo!)

It arrived yesterday, and a quick bit of assembly and a reshuffle of my garage work bench ensued. It is basically an open sided box with a pc fan that sucks all the nasty fumes through a filter and out through a big flexible pipe, and it all folds up into a neat little self-contained carry case. I raised the garage door slightly, popped the exhaust outside and switched the bad boy on. Somewhat nervously, I started spraying up all the sub-assemblies for a second Valk…

Suffice to say, I was very impressed. The unit runs quietly, and I was able to comfortably spray everything I needed to do in one sitting – no holding of breath required! There was no odour to speak of, (although I should probably get a face mask just to be on the safe side). £80 might seem a bit expensive for what it is, and I am sure a home-made equivalent could be made for significantly less, but I like the fact that it can be packed away for storage. Looking at my ‘to do’ list, I’ll certainly be getting good use out of mine!!

In other news, I have a 2k ruckus with some Necrons planned for Monday. I’m going to try out some new stuff and pack the list with Artillery – 3 Manticores for starters! I haven’t used them before so I’m going to proxy some models before I commit to building some… I really hope they work out because I have a seriously cool conversion in mind… I’ll also run my trusty Wyvern, a couple of Valks packed with Stormtroopers, my Tripod, and probably a Russ as well… Pie-plate-tastic! Should be good fun, report to follow!!