Realm of Warcry; Chapter 1, part 8

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? More Chaotic Warband shenanigans today – after a long dose of Nurgle, we’re going back to my first warband, that of my Tzeentchian Champion, Scynir the Architect.

I haven’t done much with this warband since September last year, but I knew I had all the Tzeentch mooks from Silver Tower to add. I got them all based, primed and ready to paint last autumn, so I figured now would be a good time to work through them as part of my drive to paint what I’ve already got.

I’m very much an ‘eat your vegetables first’ kinda guy, so I started with the twelve Kairic Acolytes that I had prepared. Eight of these are from the Silver Tower set, (made up of four sets duplicate minis), and the other four are from a pair of ‘Eyes of the Nine’ Underworlds warbands, (so two sets of duplicates). I made a point of converting half of each pair to hopefully make for a more diverse group.

Here they are in pairs, starting with the Silver Tower dudes:


And here are the extra four from the Underworlds warband:


I didn’t hugely enjoy painting these guys – I wanted the flesh tone to be an unnatural blueish white, which kinda works I think, but it hasn’t turned out quite as well as I has hoped. That said, I think the real reason I didn’t enjoy these is the helmets. They are too fussy for my taste, and I’ve really struggled to make them the focal point of the model. Still, I’m not loosing any sleep over these at all – they are done, they look fine & that is good enough for me.

Here is a final pic with Scynir the Architect, Champion of Tzeentch:

I think they work pretty nicely together :-)


That’s all for this post, next up will be a small herd (flock?) of Tzaangor

Realm of Warcry; Chapter 2, Part 8

Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you all well! I’ve skipped back to my Realm of Warcry project since my last post, so it will be more gribbly AoS minis for a while! I have a load of Silver Tower minis to paint up and fit in with my Tzeentch Warband, but before that I just wanted to finish up the last few minis for Team Nurgle.

For those paying attention, some time ago I added Fecula Flyblown to the warband – she’s the gnarly witch from the Wurmspat warband from Underworlds:

At the time I had her accompanied by some Rotmire Creed cultists, but I figured it was time to upgrade her retinue with the original(ish) minis – ‘Sepsimus Plaguesworn’ and ‘Ghulgoch the Butcher’.

Here’s Sesimus:


And here’s a slightly converted Ghulgoch:


Ghulgoch had kindly donated his helmet to Morbin, the leader of my warband, so I gifted Ghulgoch a spare fly head from the Plaguebearer kit as a reward for his generosity. The pair were painted in the established green and yellow warband colours, and were completed in loose & a low fucks-given impressionistic way that really is becoming my preferred style.

Here they are as the Wurmspat trio:


And here they are with Warband leader Morbin Festertongue:


Finally, I had a few Nurglings based up so I cranked them out too – I think the one on the left with the club is a slight conversion, but nothing too exciting really:


These silly wee buggers don’t have any practical application, but still nice to have them done.

And that’s all for now for this Warband, next I’ll be working through the Tzeentchian minis from the Silver Tower set and adding them to the Warband of Scynir the Architect.

Stargrave Warband – Conclusion

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I’ve been working to get more paint time in lately & have been making good progress on some Chaos reinforcements for my Nurgle warband, but I did propel this one guy to the front of the queue last week:

This is ‘Robo Knopf’, the Dire Straights themed mini that Mikko printed out for us all to commemorate the Stargrave weekend. He’s a really characterful sculpt that fits right in with the Stargrave vibe, so I painted him in the same lime green with red/cream chequered accent that I used for my Stargrave warband:


Here he is with ‘Dark Knopfler’, the event mini from last year:

Thanks Mikko, a lovely mini to represent a superb weekend!!

Looking forward to seeing what mini & pun you come up with next year :-)