Realm of Warcry; Chapter 2, Part 6

Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you all well. Sorry it has been a bit slow on the blogging front of late – it has been a hectic start to the new year with work & study pushing me hard, and the remaining time being spread thinly. Still, I managed to get the last of the originally rolled members of my Nurgle warband completed – three human ‘deserters’. The RoC tables make it pretty clear that deserters should be pretty basic troops, but I felt I had enough cannon fodder types & so went a bit more upmarket:


These three fallen knights were all free, either given away or gifted over the years. The two Hammer lads, (‘Retributors’ I think?) , were pretty straight forward conversions, and just needed some Bretonnian bits, skulls and gunk to Nurgle them up a bit. I added a few trinkets to tie them in with the Rotmire Creed, along with the bone spikes, so hopefully there is a bit of visual continuity there:


The sword’n’shield Knight Questor conversion was a bit more involved – he’s based on a bog-standard Liberator but with elements from Bretonnian knights, Space Marines, general odds-and-ends, and wherever that back banner came from:


The paint job was a really messy relaxed affair – I really wanted these guys to look like they had been wading through a swamp for years, with some hints of faded finery still visible but very much decayed and corrupted. They actually turned out pretty colourful, but I’m hoping that the various touches of yellow and green cloth tie them in with the wider warband. Finally, I had some fun with the freehand on the Questor’s shield & back banner. The banner is that of Morbin of course, but the image on the shield is the Questor’s own device – whether it is a relic of his time as a Stormcast, or a symbol from an even earlier existence is unknown.

Here’s a final shot of the whole warband together – all the original rolls plus the 7 brigands I rolled after a game:


This was a great little project, and I’m sure I’ll be revisiting these guys again, but I’m done for now. My next project will be the complete opposite to this – an Old Hammer lead crew for a modern sci-fi skirmish!! Watch this space :-)

Blackstone Fortress Part 7

Greetings Terrans, and a joyous new solar orbit to you. I hope you all had a good festive period and all that good stuff! I’ve been super-busy with RL of late, and despite having a rare couple of weeks ‘off’, I’ve had very little hobby time. I managed to remedy that a bit, and finished this dapper chap this evening:


He’s ‘Janus Draik’, the Rogue Trader from the Blackstone ‘goodies’ side. He’s a really nice model – probably one of the best in the set in fact, with a really decent pose and a nice level of detail. I found him a bit fiddly to paint, but I’m pretty rusty after nearly a month off, so there’s an element of that too. I kept him pretty clean rather than go for my normal grubby style, and I think it suits him.

Not much else to say about him really, so that’s it for now. Next time will be the last three members of my Nurgle Warcry band – ‘deserters’ in fact, so something a bit more grungy to look forward to :-)


Realm of Warcry; Chapter 2, Part 5

Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you well. I have December’s ‘warband ‘Realm of Warcry’ additions to share today – painting time has been pretty compressed so far in December, but I did manage to paint up the ‘Mage and 3 Cultists’ roll from my original warband generation. As soon as I rolled that back in September, I knew what mini I wanted for my Mage… Or should I say, Witch:

Officially this is ‘Fecula Flyblown’ from the Wurmspat Underworlds warband, and I don’t see any need to change that name for my warband. She is a fab mini so no conversion work needed, and she was just a really nice paint. I took it easy and muddled my way through in my usual way. A particularly nice touch is the weird Nurgle-Cat thing:


Next up, Fecula needed three cultists to accompany her – enter some Rotmire Creed from the Heart of Ghur set:

These guys make for perfect Nurgle cultists if you ask me – deffo on the turn, but not yet the full-blown Nurgle schtick. Again, great minis so no conversions, and painted to suit.


Of course, if you’re painting 3 Rotmire, you might as well do the whole gang, right? Here are all 10 from the Heart of Ghur boxed set, plus a bonus mook that was given away at the FLGS:


Here they are in groups – mooks, Lieutenanty types, and the Leader & tank:


I really like these guys, though some of the design choices do get on my wick… The leader’s weird froggy hat thing leaves me very cold, and the whole stilts thing for the more important members is just stupid, but I can overlook these gripes for the absolute quality of the mooks & the tanky ‘Bloated One’ (aka, Fat Wolverine).

Painting was very much business as usual, and was very enjoyable for the most part. One small note on the painting – for the first time ever I had to concede defeat when it came to painting the eyes… They are sooo teeny, and are really hard to get to! I gave up trying & just gave them glowy blue eyes because swamp juice or some shit, right?

Anyway, that’s all for this week folks, I’m hoping to get one more post out before Christmas, but in case I don’t, I hope you all have a good one.