Blackstone Fortress Part 5

Greetings Terrans, I’ve got quite a (a-hem) short post for you today…

Space Hobbits:


These two wee scamps are ‘Rein and Raus’, the Rattling (aka Space Hobbit) twins that are one of the ‘goodie’ options for Blackstone Fortress.

Now, full disclosure… I really don’t like the whole barefoot Hobbit thing at the best of times, (sorry Tolkien!), but to then lazily port that stupid trope straight into 40k really grips my shit… (Really? Woolly toes too? Oh, do f*** off GW, why not give them a bag of Hobbit food too – oh you did… Brill.)

Still, that aside, these are actually really fun minis to paint – full of character, and with a decent amount of detail. I went with a general militaristic vibe, and I just followed my now usual ‘Contrast followed by Highlight’ approach. These two can hang with my Inquisitor warband when they aren’t padding around all barefoot, spreading their Hobbity verrucae all over the BS Fortress.

That’s all folks, catch you later :-)

Realm of Warcry; Chapter 2, Part 4

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I’ve got a bit of a photo dump for you today – I was looking to add a bit of a centrepiece to my Nurgle warband & found a zombie elephant from the Circus of Corruption Kickstarter (still available from Old School Miniatures). I figured that it would make an excellent base for a warband banner, and after a goodly amount of gluing & painting, I ended up with this beauty:


The painting was really nice and easy, just Contrasts & plenty of drybrushing. I think I used just about every technical paint I own, as well as having a nice bit of freehand fun on the banner:


Morbin also fits nicely in the howdah, so I have a readymade option if I roll (or chose) a Chaos Mount at some point in the future. I can even game with him in this guise by using the Warcry card for the Ogre cavalry leader, (such is the flexibility of Realm of Warcry!):


Here’s a pic to show the scale of the thing:


I decided to go with a three-eyed fly head on the big banner, and I really liked the look of it, so I went back and added the third eye to the smaller banner… It nicely mirrors the three holes on Morbin’s helm, and I will formally choose a third eye as a Chaos Attribute when the option presents itself :-)


Anyway, that’s all for this week, have a good’un!

Random Interlude 2

Greetings Terrans, bit of a random post to close out the week. A few weeks back, I shared these rather dapper Lord of the Rings measuring gauges & was mulling over how best to store them so I could still get to them easily for gaming porpoises. Midgetmanifesto hit on a brilliant idea with a weapon rack a la Heroquest, with Wudugast going one step further & suggesting I build it out of wood… Well that’s exactly what I did:

It’s made out of 10mm square balsa dowels, roughed up & put together with proper joins, and then pinned with bits of paperclip. I used more paperclips to make the weapon hangers, then I used GreenStuff to add nail heads & bulk out the hangers. Finally, I painted the metal up with Leadbelcher, washed it with Nuln Oil, and finally used Contrast paint to stain the wood. Job done!

Here it is fully loaded:

Gandalf’s staff is 12″, so that gives you an idea of scale!

That’s all folks, just a bit of fun :-)