Conan – Characters 5:

Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you all safe and well! As you’ve probably gleaned from the title, it’s more characters from the Conan boxed set. When I first looked at the characters, I divided them into three categories – ‘Not-Dressed’, ‘Dressed’, and ‘Conan’. That last post was the end of the Not-Dressed category, so now we’re into the characters with a bit more going on in terms of clothing, armour and so forth. I further divided the ‘Dressed’ category by their weapon choice or character type, so this week we’ll take a look at The Archers… (and anyone in the UK of a certain age now has a certain radio drama theme tune going in their heads… you’re welcome 😊)

First up, we have ‘Kothian Archer’ – a very generic name for this character figure, but it is what it is:

He’s quite a nice model – a little hard to read in places & very heavy on the fur vibe, which always gives me anxiety about differentiating between different bits of the model… all that brown! That said, I think he came out ok. I followed my now-usual approach of Contrasts, shade, and either a ‘proper’ highlighting or a drybrushing depending on the surface… He’s nothing special, but he is passable as a barbarous archer type.


Next is a Two-fer – ‘Balthus’ and his canine companion ‘Slasher’:

Both are quite nice figures – Balthus’ bow hadn’t formed correctly & I had to trim down the bottom half to match the top, but it isn’t too bad. Slasher had a weird chin thing going on at first, but I trimmed that down & prefer it now. Balthus got painted in what felt like an appropriately woodsy theme, while Slasher was just me faffing with different Contrast paints & Drybrushes. Both are perfectly serviceable & would work in a range of settings.


Finally we have ‘Kerim Shah’:

Ok, so he has twin swords out, but he has a bow on his back & so I lumped him in with the more typical archer types. He’s a strange model, soft in detail around the face, some bits that were really difficult to figure out, and very flimsy in parts… He wasn’t all that much fun to paint to be honest, with a quick drybrush doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. I think that he’s supposed to have a beard and ‘tash, so that’s how I painted him, but like I said, he’s a difficult model to read so that might be completely wrong… (aaand a quick check of the fuck-cupboard reveals that I have none to give)

Here are all three (plus doggo) together:


So that’s all for this post – next time we’ll have a look at the slashy/stabby types!

Stay safe out there 😊

Conan – Characters 4:

Greetings Terrans, I hope you are all having a good week. I have another wee jaunt along the Conan Character trail for you, with a trio of minis for your viewing pleasure.

First up we have ‘Taurus, Prince of Thieves’:

So apart from him nicking Robin Hood’s nom de guerre, there isn’t much to say about Taurus – painting was a straight forward rinse and repeat of earlier minis, and he wasn’t a bad thing to paint.


Next we have another thief – this time it’s Shevatas:

I really like this mini – in fact, he’s one of the best in the whole set if you ask me & a joy to paint. I went for a darker skin tone to suit the mini & I’m really pleased with how he turned out.


Finally, we have ‘Princess/Thalis’ (sic):

No, I don’t know why Monolith are using both names either, but it is what it is. She’s a tidy little model & was nice to paint – that robe was a bit boring I suppose, but a good opportunity to practice some wet blending. I’m pleased with the purple/gold colour scheme.


Here’s a final shot of the three together for scale:


And that’s it for another week chaps and chapettes – stay safe out there & I’ll catch you next time.

Conan – Characters 3:

Greetings Terrans, it’s another shorty today – I have not one Bêlit, but two versions of her! First up, the main version that came with the game:


Next, we have the ‘savage’ version of her (a stretch goal IIRC):


Both were painted in my now-usual method of Contrast base coat followed by some careful highlighting. The models themselves are nice enough – ‘regular Bêlit’ is a bit soft, and has a shonky spear & a lean that no amount of steam could correct, but ‘savage’ Bêlit is a pretty decent mini. That said, they both obviously suffer from a very limited wardrobe situation, but as mentioned before, the models are guided by the original writing, so it is what it is.

Here’s the pair of them together:


And that’s me until next time!