About me

I’m 40ish years old, happily married to a very patient and tolerant wife, and I have 2 lovely sons. I have a wide range of interests, from the energetic (running, rock climbing, hiking) to the more sedate (movies, modelling, gaming, painting). I strive for balance in all things, and I try to cover a good number of these interests in any given week. I am also mid-way through an OU degree, and all of this is combined with an office job and a young family. As you can imagine, life is seldom dull!

This blog is my first attempt at such a thing, and I really wanted to try and share my modelling and wargaming experiences because I found the work of other like-minded enthusiasts so inspirational myself. I see ‘the hobby’ as being comprised of 4 parts:
1: Collecting
2: Modelling
3: Painting
4: Gaming

I prefer 1 & 2 over 3 & 4 :-)

7 thoughts on “About me”

  1. It’s the first time I’ve read this I can relate to just about everything. I prefer 1 and 2 as well haha.

    I have other interests too.

    My blog is the first attempt too and I was inspired by many, many others but it was actually my best mate who suggested I get WordPress blog up and running.

    You’re just about a brother from another mother my friend.

    Keep up all the good work and hurry up with more posts please haha.

  2. Hi Alex, you’re coming to Salute, right? Drop me a note if you read this, you can find my email on my website. Didn’t have a smarter way to connect with you :D

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