Happy Monday chaps & chapesses, I’m happy to report that I have finished all of the Rogue Trader Space Pirates from the 1988 summer flier – all 24 of them. They were sculpted by Mike Perry and Bob Naismith back in the day, and released in July just over 27 years ago! I’m so chuffed to have a) collected this little lot, and b) have them all painted up… there are some classic sculpts in here, and even the slightly dodgy ones are real characters… and it kinda feels like preserving this crew is a worthy thing to do.

The eclectic nature of this bunch has presented some real painting opportunities – it is nice to work without the predefined palette that you tend to get with ‘regular’ 40K troops, and I also felt it appropriate to play around with different flesh tones – I still need to refine how I do darker skin, but at least I now have a jumping off point!

In terms of usage, these guys will primarily be for Rogue Trader – a game that I am really looking forward to exploring more fully as time goes by, but they can also stand in as counts-as conscripts for my Praetorians in regular games of 40K.

Anyhow, enough jibberjabber, here are the photos – in smaller groups and then a final ‘class of 88’ group shot. Spot the photo bombing Ogryn! Enjoy :-)