Hello chaps & chapesses, something a tad left-field today. About a year ago, I had an amazing game day with Ross, a fine and true Brother-in-Lead, and long-time adversary. We pitted his fantastic oldschool daemonic hoard against my Praetorian Imperial Guard in a series of games that were loosely based on the classic ‘Last Stand at Glazer’s Creek’ scenario from White Dwarf issue 222, (which was in turn based on the famous Anglo-Zulu war battle at Rorke’s Drift of course).

The day was so inspirational that I promised myself that I would try and write a short story based on the game. I love reading, and I used to like writing fiction in school… I know how to put together a decent assignment for my degree studies… my blog posts are (usually) readable… how hard can it be, right?

Well… it has taken me a year, on and off, but I’m finally done… weighing in at almost 9000 words, the true tale of Eidolan is ready to be told. I’ve set up a separate page to keep things tidy, and it is with a mixture of pride and embarrassment that I present it to you now. I hope that it brings some enjoyment to those who take the time to read it:

The Tale of Eidolan