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Hello chaps, carrying on my humble efforts on the Rogue Quest project that Asslessman and Axiom kicked off, I would like to present my fifth entry. As a reminder, the brief is to build a six-strong adventuring party for Rogue Trader/Confrontation, where each member portrays one of the classic dungeon crawler tropes:

  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Fighter
  • Magic user
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Rogue/thief

This time, I and very happy to have ticked off the ‘Ranger’ category… I picked up a lovely post-apocalyptic sculpt from Moonraker’s ‘future skirmish’ range, and did a bit of chopping & weapon swapping to bring her into the Rogue Trader universe. I added a lasgun from one of the IG tank kits, (I really like the folding stock!), plus a scope and a new barrel to create a convincing sniper rifle. She also got a Dark Eldar left arm with a wicked dagger in a reverse grip. All in all, she looks like a very accomplished huntress to me, and I went with a subdued colour scheme to accentuate this. The only real colour was the red Yasser headscarf… the detailing was a pain in the buns, but worth the effort I think.

So, Devana was looking pretty awesome, but she still didn’t look quite right… something was missing, but then it occurred to me – she needed a hunting dog! A quick bit of Google-fu turned up the rather spiffing ‘Unity Counsel Stim Hounds’ from Anvil Industry. I only wanted one, but £12 for 4 is a bargain! I ordered some up and ‘Hound’ was born. I admit, Hound was originally a ‘she’… A quick bit of GS work turned Hound into a ‘he’, just so I could say that at that moment in time, my sculpting was, quite literally, the dog’s bollocks :-)

Anyhow, here’s a few pictures of Devana and Hound, and some more with the rest of the RogueQuest party:

Devana and Hound

Devana and Hound again

Yep... Hound is a boy dog!

The RogueQuest crew

And here’s her story:

“Devana is a gifted killer from the Imperium-abandoned world of Utrel Secondus – a savage world of warring techno-barbarian clans that picked over the shattered remains of crumbling hive cities and mechanicus forge-cities. As a youth, Devana rose to prominence within her clan as a peerless hunter of beasts, men and mutants, ably assisted by her faithful beast ‘Hound’. Eventually, by the age of 14, her skills brought her to the attention of clan chieftain Gaxton, who invited her to join his personal kill squad. Devana gladly accepted Gaxton’s offer, for to be a member of the Chieftain’s kill squad was a prestigious position – little did she know how this decision would shape her destiny in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Chief Gaxton was a reasonable man, (if such can be said for the savage chieftain of a post-apocalyptic barbarian tribe!), but Gaxton had sired a son of twisted malevolence. This son, Melsin, was of an age with Devana, and was a sadistic and vicious creature. He pursued Devana’s affections, at first with flattery and gifts, but he was refused by the girl. Frustrated, Melsin tried increasingly bold approaches, until the fateful night came when his patience snapped and he tried to take by force that which Devana would not give willingly… Melsin tried to rape her, but Devana was a fighter of superb skill. A single strike with the hilt of her dagger burst one of Melsin’s eyeballs within his skull. Screaming, he ran to his father, claiming that Devana had attacked him without provocation, and so Gaxton had Devana seized. Out of fairness, Gaxton demanded her side of the story, and was unsurprised to hear of his son’s attempt at rape. Gaxton was nothing if not fair, so he had his son gelded, (for he had other sons to carry on the bloodline), but he was also honour-bound to have Devana’s eye put out as punishment for her assault on his family. Devana was banished from the tribe and was left to wander the wastelands, yet Gaxton bore her no malice, and so he allowed her to take her hunting dog for company, and her favourite rifle for protection.

For many years, Devana made the most of her new life – collecting bounties on fugitives and mutants, trading salvaged tech at wasteland trading posts, and becoming an expert survivor in the process. She would spend months at a time in the wilderness, exploring and hunting, always moving, and ever alert to opportunity. It was on one of these treks that she discovered a set of hidden catacombs in the western desert, and during her investigations, she discovered an exquisite scarab created of an untarnished silver metal… She had never seen anything like it, and knew that it would raise a small fortune if she could find the right buyer. She marked the location of her find in her memory, and headed east for several weeks until she reached the nearest trading settlement. After many days of asking around for a suitable buyer, Devana was put in touch with a galactic trader – a so-called ‘Rogue Trader’ from the semi-mythological Imperium of Man. The trader’s name was Arturo, and he offered Devana a fortune in exchange for the scarab. Once he held the machine, (for machine it was), in his hand, he fixed Devana with his gaze. He told her that what she had discovered was both a relic of a long-dead civilisation, and a harbinger of the destruction for her own… Devana had unwittingly discovered a Necron tomb, one of hundreds that spanned the planet, and which had been showing power surges that Arturo had been observing from his orbital void craft over the last few months. Arturo made Devana an offer – join his crew and leave Utrel Secondus now, or remain and die as the Necron’s awoke and re-took their planet. Devana didn’t believe Arturo at first, and so Arturo convinced her to lead him to the catacombs that she had discovered. The journey was a brief one in Arturo’s atmospheric landing craft, and once in the catacombs, Arturo used strange technology to navigate much deeper into the tunnels than Devana had dared to go. After hours of walking, they entered into a vast chamber that contained thousands upon thousands of skeletal robots, stood sleeping in silent ranks. Arturo explained that Devana’s entire world was built on top of thousands of similar chambers… millions upon millions of these undying warriors, just waiting to rise up from the earth and re-take their world. Finally convinced, Devana agreed to leave with Arturo, providing her faithful companion Hound could be saved as well. Devana integrated well with the crew, and now adds her formidable scouting and infiltration experience to the team.

As for the Utrel system, Arturo alerted the nearest imperial outpost and provided the scarab as evidence, as well as his own vid-feeds from the catacombs. The sector was subsequently quarantined by the Imperial Navy, pending conclusive evidence of Xenos activity. Two years later, the system was overrun by the rising Necron dynasty of Hepmatak… The fate of the human inhabitants is unknown, but with the system scheduled for exterminatus, their fate is already sealed.”

So, there we go, RogueQuest entry number 5 (plus doggy!), and another member of Arturo’s crew. I hope you like her folks, she’s certainly one of my favourites! Just so you know, I’m about to take a week away from painting, (and therefore blogging), but I’ll be back as soon as I can with my next effort – a rather special ‘Cleric’… I’m excited about him already!

Devana providing fire support