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Happy New Year folks, quick post from me today – I painted some stuff!! First up, the grandmother of all Land Speeders, painted quick and dirty to use as scatter terrain. This model is an absolute pig to assemble, tedious to paint, and it weighs a ton… That said, it is 27 years old and is a bit of a classic, so I’m glad to have done one to add to the collection:



I also got my hands on three ‘Alarm Posts’ from Taban Miniatures, again, to use for scatter terrain. These were great fun to paint, (quick & dirty again), and have a load of narrative potential with the cameras, speakers, etc. I can imagine trying to silence a guard before he can make it to the post to raise the alarm, all Metal Gear Solid and ting… cool stuff :-)



I’ve also mostly painted a ‘Promethium Relay Pipe’ and a Battlefield Accessories set from GeeDub, and the pipe kit is really rather good! It goes together nicely, and makes for a very attractive and useful piece of terrain. I’ve taken my usual scruffy, rusty, shitty approach, and I just need to finish off some of the details like dials and lights, but it’s finished enough for you to get the idea:


I’ve got a load of other GeeDub buildings waiting to be put together & painted, (a ‘Merry Christmas’ present to myself), and I feel a whole lot more positive about taking them on after working on this little kit.


In other news, I played a cool little game of Rogue Trader the other night – Salvage crew vs. Beastmen! I’ll need to do a proper write-up at some point, but here are some pics to give you the idea:



So that’s it for now, – it has all been a bit ‘scenic’ so far this year, which isn’t my preferred subject, but I’m aiming to get back on to painting some actual figures next week. I have a bunch of mixed RT imperial guard dudes in their undercoats, plus some serious conversion fodder to get involved with…