Hello chaps – another week, another mini, another sketchy song-lyric-for-a-title… (nice one Skee-lo!). I’ve been on a bit of a go-slow this last week – there is so much going on at the moment! It’s all mostly study related, but I did manage to finish the Dwarf from WQ-ST (hence the title & song choice… see what I did there?)

Well, what can I say about the Dwarf? This was the hero that I was least looking forward to painting… fiddly, complex, and a faction that doesn’t really draw me in. I found him a sod to paint – the level of detail is insane, while the proportions, exaggerated musculature, and total lack of clothing conspire to make this model quite grotesque in my opinion… I mean, I had to paint his cheek-meat ffs, and if you get the chance, look carefully under the kilt – I am sure there is a hint of a ball-sack :-/

Ahem… anyway, I decided to embrace this ugliness, and had a play with the idea of the runes that are hammered into his skin to give him super strength & armour, (and remove the need for clothes apparently). I figured that such an effect might reasonably be expected to leave its mark, (beyond the obvious), and so I painted lots of livid veins, as if the runes are polluting the character’s blood stream somehow. I think this exaggerates the grotesqueness of the mini nicely, while contrasting pleasantly with the otherwise clean-cut and heroic look of his equipment. To me, it reads like he’s ostensibly a ‘good guy’, but there is also something disturbing going on… maybe even a little sinister…  This, (in my humble opinion), makes him a bit more interesting than he might’ve otherwise been. Anyway, enough chit-chat, what do you guys think?






Next up, I’m going to tackle the Griffhound – I’m away on a hiking break next week, so I just want something quick and easy to crank out. Also, I’ll be working out a 1200 point force for Rogue Trader, ready for BOYL (Bring Out Your Lead) – the annual OldHammer event at the Foundry Miniatures in Nottingham on the 5th, 6th & 7th of August. Time to dust off my Praetorian Imperial Guard and do a spot of spot of list building! I may well take a few pictures as I sort out the list and share them with you – it has been too long since the Dauntless 215th graced the pages of this blog ;-)