Hi guys, I’m happy to have some painted undead goodness to share with you all today. I picked up quite a lot of undead while I was at Foundry for the BOYL weekender – mostly skeletons, but I also grabbed a couple of packs of zombies while I was there… I felt that I need to focus a bit on the fleshier side of my growing undead horde, so with brush in hand, and Romero’s Living Dead trilogy on in the background, I got stuck in! First up we have a pack of ‘Victorian Zombies’:

These guys took a bit of tidying up, (and I still missed a few casting lines here & there), but were good fun and pretty quick to do with washes applied straight over a white undercoat – this is becoming my go-to method of painting undead it seems. I’m quite pleased with the OSL on the candle guy in his night gown, though I’m curious as to who lit the candle for him!! Surely he’s way too rotten for it to have been lit when he ‘turned’? I think these guys are generic enough to fit in with the general fantasy trope, but could be an interesting starting point for a pulp themed collection as well. Hmmm…. ;-)

Next up, a pack of Zombie Dogs:

I initially thought of running these as Dire Wolves, but they aren’t really dire enough imo… I quite like the thought that any corpse with teeth would be useful the enterprising necromancer, so I’m happy to chuck these rotten mutts in with the bulk of my shambling flesh walkers for now. Again, these were pretty easy to do, and are lovely little minis. Just look at this disgusting bit of protruding arse-pipe detail!

Gross!!! :-P

Anyway, here’s a few shots of all the new additions all together:

So that’s it for now peeps – I have more zombies based, primed, and ready to add to the mix, along with a necromancer and a little surprise unit to bolster their fleshy fighting capability even further. I’m hoping to have them all done in time for a game of AoS on the weekend, and then I really need to crack on with my Chapel warband… the deadline is rapidly approaching, and I still have a lot of painting to do! Also, inspired by a conversation at BOYL, I’m going to try RPG for the very first time tomorrow evening… I’m quite nervous, but looking forward to it!! I’ll let you know how it goes in my next post :-)