Greetings Terrans, it has been a while, (again), but here we are with some more Eru-Kin for your viewing pleasure. This time we have a bunch of elite-looking space frogs with some kind of laser lance things that are very reminiscent of the weapons they used in Stargate – all very cool, (but a bugger to photograph!) However, (and hence the post title), these guys took me an absolute age to get through, and actually ended up being a bit frustrating towards the end… On reflection, this is probably because four pairs of the same mini basically became a batch-painting exercise, which does tend to grind my gears after a while. That said, they are really very lovely minis, so it’s not all doom and gloom :-)

Here’s the first pair, front & back view:


And the remaining pairs, defined by the colour of their loin cloths:


I’ll be running this spawning as heavy weapons troops in my Eru-Kin army – I’ve painted them in pairs so I can assign them to existing units, or I might just field them as stand-alone fire teams… Hell, I might even mass them up into a big shooty deathstar! Typical amphibian flexibility :-)

EDIT – I’m also calling this as my entry for Junit :-)


Speaking of the army, it’s starting to get there!


I still have some additions to make before BOYL, but I’m a bit sick of painting Eru-Kin for the time being… I’ll probably focus on having some fun for a couple of weeks by painting up a few individual minis for other projects, (Inq28 stuff & Necromunda most likely), so hopefully this means that it won’t be quite so long between posts! Until next time dudes – be excellent to each other :-)