Greetings Terrans, I have a sneeky quick peek of ‘wot I dun painted on me hollibobs’ for you. I apologise in advance for the shit pics, sub-par painting, and general sameyness of the subject material – I’ve been working through the RT era orks I prepped for doing the Wolf Time campaign, so lots of 5 ork squads with 3 Bolters, a Heavy Bolter, and a leader with Bolter & chainsword! All the painting was either done on a deck in sunlight, or in a caravan… less than perfect lighting conditions! Still, it drove a certain approach to the process, which was basically to do the main ‘accurate’ stuff by day, and tackle the less fussy wash & drybrush by bulblight at night. I’ve deliberately left out the fiddly details – they’ll get added later & with better lighting.

Anyhow, enough excuses – here’s what I’ve got:


Yellow squad – Heavy Bolter (left) has a converted gun



Purple squad – again, Heavy Bolter (second from left) has a converted gun



Green squad – converted heavy bolter again (second from left), plus a chainsword weapon swap for the squad leader



Blue squad – as nature intended



A selection of characters from RTB02 – leaders in their own rights, but destined to be mere squad leaders under Governor Kulo!



And a final group shot – a great start to the project!

So that’s all for now folks, back to normal next week – i.e. a batshit crazy catch-up week with work, followed by a weeklong business trip, followed by who-knows-what!  Hopefully I’ll manage to get a few more Orks marched through the painting queue in and around the madness :-)

Peace out