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Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I have another bit of progress to share today – the super-vet hardcore Space Wolf assault team of death! These guys are pretty bad-ass in the Wolf Time campaign… all the Marines have Champion stats, the Sergeant is a Minor Hero, and they are all tooled up with some nasty hardware… Take a look!


These guys took a bit of converting – I couldn’t get hold of any examples of period flamer or meltagun Marines – a mini does exist for each, but they are very hard to get hold of… I knew time was a factor in this project, so I ended up converted my own. Let’s take a look at the Melta/Chainsword guys first. The one on the right is an old Captain mini – he just had his bolter converted into a meltagun, (a barrel swap and some sculpted fuel tanks on the side – pretty straight forward stuff). The dude on the left is based on a medic – he needed a full weapon swap for another homemade Meltagun, (based on an RTB01 Bolter), and I also sculpted on a holstered bolt pistol:


The flamer guy on the left is also converted from an old medic, (actually the first ever Marine medic), but I didn’t want two quacks in the squad, so he had his bling removed before being given a hand-swap and flamer from the RTB01 set. The conversion is a bit meh to be honest – he looks a bit awkwardly posed, but he fits the bill & will definitely do the job for now. The other flamer guy is based on the famous Needlegun Marine – it’s a slightly more involved weapon conversion, but he is more naturally posed than his squad-mate. By happy coincidence, both minis look like they are wearing over-gloves of some kind – no doubt to protect them while handling the volatile flamer fuel:


The Sergeant came perfectly equipped with power Glove & bolt pistol, so I just added a spare helmet, (mainly so I had somewhere to paint his Sgt’s helmet stripe):


The paint job follows my approach to all the other Marines so far – I went for Red to denote ‘assault’, but as this is the only assault squad, I painted both exhaust ports the same. I also borrowed a bit of Middlehammer lore around Spacewolf Bloodclaws, and gave them all red gloves… no real reason other than I think it looks good & marks them out as being a bit special. Finally, I added some blood spatter to the Chainsword guys, because hitting people with a chainsaw would be FUCKING MESSY!!!

Anyhow, that’s it for now folks – just the support squads to paint, and then we’re on to the characters… Onwards and upwards!