Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I’m still coming to terms with life after Wolf Time – motivation to paint anything has been pretty poor these last couple of weeks, and this has combined with a general low mood, but my mojo is slowly coming back… I know from experience that the best remedy for any kind of slump is to focus on the positives and just do what I can, so I’ve been getting some decent running in the bank while the weather has been good. I also decided to crank out something quick and easy on the painting front, and have sort of committed to clearing my neglected minis pile, (which for me means ‘undercoated and based’). Fortunately, I had this wee beasty lurking in my heap’o’shame:

He’s a Diehard Miniatures Undead Minotaur – a sod to photograph but a lovely sculpt, and for me, the perfect mini to get back into painting. I’ve followed my usual approach to undead here – mainly ink washes, only using ‘proper’ highlighting for the bone & metal, and then some rust, blood & goo added for good measure… nothing taxing, just a basic zombie jobby! I also finished up this long-neglected chaotic type:

I think he’s from the Pantheon of Chaos range, but I can’t find him on their site so feel free to educate me in the comments if you know better! Regardless of provenance, he’s a superb mini with loads of old school charm. I’ve painted him to go with my version of ‘Konrad Venkel’ from PoC… I vaguely had/have a notion to build a chaotic warband in the service of Malal, so black & white predominates on these guys, and an overtly insectoid look abounds. Clearly this is a slow burning project – I painted Konrad back in August last year, so at this rate, I’ll have a decent warband by the time I retire! For now, the party stands thusly:


Aaaand that’s it I’m afraid folks – nothing else doing at the moment! I’m going to be away from my paints for a week, and then I plan to crack on with the rest of my neglected minis – mostly Diehard Eru-kin and a certain Necromundan celebrity. I’m not sure what to expect after that – I have vague plans for a Wood Elf BB team, expanding my DoK for Warcry, some sci-fi civilians and a RoC warband, but not sure what order to approach this in… I’m kinda keen to try Warcry, so maybe DoK might get to the head of the queue? We’ll see.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks – onwards and upwards!