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Greetings Terrans, Merry Wotsits and a Happy DooDah to you all. I have a quick bit of painting to share – a continuation of my efforts to work through a few Eru-Kin that didn’t make it to BOYL last year. This time, it’s the ‘Rogue Trader pet Jagla’:

This mini was a beauty to paint – loads of fun bits to pick out, but unlike most of the range, loads of nice variation in texture too. I’ve kept the same colours going for the armour, but went with a ragged earthy look for the cloak & leather. I see him as some kind of pariah, standing outside normal Eru-Kin society, but maybe dipping in and out as it suits him. I painted him with dark skin to reflect his outcast status – high-caste Slann are described as having brighter skin in the RT, so I figured that the opposite should hold true.

His pet Jagla was a straight forward model to paint – I kept it fairly muted to work nicely with the Trader. I actually used contrast paints on this, but supplemented this with ‘proper’ shading and highlighting. The eyes were fiddly to pick out, but otherwise a nice & simple job.

So that’s it for now – all in all, these were a very satisfying pair to paint, and they’ll work perfectly with my (slowly) growing collection of non-combatant minis. I’m down to the last handful of neglected Eru-Kin now, so I’m aiming to wrap them up over Christmas, and then I can hit the new year with some new projects. I have thoughts of building an Inq28 style  Wood Elf BB team, and also expanding my Daughters of Khaine to a playable Warcry warband… Fingers crossed!

Have a good one dudes, be cool 😊