Greetings Terrans. So last post talked about the genesis of my RoW project… this post deals with how I went about generating the warband – I’m going into some detail in case anyone fancies giving it a go themselves.


First up I wanted to randomise my Chaos power – I’m really not invested in any of the ‘Big Four’ or ‘Chaos Undivided’, so letting fate decide my patron, (or lack thereof), seemed appropriate. The Dice Gods spoke, and I rolled Tzeentch – so plotting, scheming and sorcery it is then!

Next, I generated my Champion using the tables in Slaves to Darkness. I rolled a middling level human hero as my starting point, and then took a single roll on the Chaos Reward table, and a single roll on the Tzeentch table. My first generic Chaos reward was an Attribute, for which I rolled ‘Oversized Hands’ (a further roll determined that they were twice as large). The next roll was for a Gift of Tzeentch, for which I rolled the ‘Gift of Magic’ – super appropriate! I was already starting to form an image of a decent fighter who had thrown in his lot with Tzeentch in exchange for magical powers…

With this in mind, my next step was to look for a suitable Warcry card that represented a middling level Champion with a magic attack. There are a number to choose from, but I settled on the ‘Scinari Loreseeker’ card from the Lumineth range. It’s a nicely balanced card that seemed appropriate – not very tanky but still a decent fighter with a solid magic attach and a tricksy ‘shoot-and-scoot’ special ability.

I then took two rolls on the followers table and ended up with 3 humans and 6 Beastmen. This worked out really nicely for me because my Spire Tyrants gave me plenty of humans to choose from, as well as one of the Beastmen that I needed. I was off to a great start, however, I needed more Beastmen so I used some more Birthday money (thanks again M&D) and picked up the ‘Grashrak’s Despoilers’ Underworlds warband. This gave me five more ‘regular’ Beastmen, plus I had Grashrak himself as a ‘spare’ Shaman for future use. Importantly, all now have Warcry cards thanks to the Tome of Champions, so happy days!

I quickly got to painting & so here they are – the Beastmen that I’ll be using for my starting Warband:


Plus Grashrak as the ‘spare’ Shaman:


This effectively locked me in to a points cost for the Champion & Beastmen, but I still had some flexibility in my choice of Human followers. After a bit of numberwang, I settled on adding the Spire Tyrant ‘Headclaimer’, a ‘Pitfighter with Net’ and a ‘Pitfighter with spear’ for a total of 990 points. Here is the warband minus their Champion:


Properly RoC!!

Anyway, that’s it for another post – catch you all next time when we meet the leader of this savage band.