Greetings Terrans, I have a bit of a general update post for you today – a bit of an odds-and-sods photo dump really!

Fist up, some excellent Bob Olley Beastmen courtesy of the incredibly generous Azazel:

One of them was missing a weapon so I popped on a Bolt Pistol with a view to having them as an Abhuman squad in my one-day Bob Olley Rogue Trader army… These fellas have literally travelled around the world & were a real pleasure to paint – I am so happy to give them a home Az, I can’t thank you enough dude!


Next, sticking with the Rogue Trader theme, I painted up these Bob-bots that Ninjabread Chris had made up:

These were great fun, perfect for a wet afternoon of speed painting!


Finally, I found enough bits to make a Witch-elf:

I painted her to match my other DoK, and the rather OTT pose was entirely forced by using a helmet to match her colleagues… She’s a bit goofy, but I kinda like the ridiculousness of the pose, and happily, getting her finished means that I was able to round out this quartet to make an actual unit!


I think that’ll do for this week – I have a few more random bits to share, but it’ll be more Realm-of-Warcry next week :-)