Greetings Terrans, and a joyous new solar orbit to you. I hope you all had a good festive period and all that good stuff! I’ve been super-busy with RL of late, and despite having a rare couple of weeks ‘off’, I’ve had very little hobby time. I managed to remedy that a bit, and finished this dapper chap this evening:


He’s ‘Janus Draik’, the Rogue Trader from the Blackstone ‘goodies’ side. He’s a really nice model – probably one of the best in the set in fact, with a really decent pose and a nice level of detail. I found him a bit fiddly to paint, but I’m pretty rusty after nearly a month off, so there’s an element of that too. I kept him pretty clean rather than go for my normal grubby style, and I think it suits him.

Not much else to say about him really, so that’s it for now. Next time will be the last three members of my Nurgle Warcry band – ‘deserters’ in fact, so something a bit more grungy to look forward to :-)