The ‘paint the crap you already own’ challenge – D’onne “Mad D’onna” Ulanti



Greeting Terrans, how goes it? So I have a small interlude for you today – an item that I am submitting to Ann’s challenge for this month to ‘Paint the crap you already own!

I’ve gone one further, and painted something that I have had based and primed for an embarrassingly long time. You see, I originally intended to complete D’onne in the summer of 2018, but this passed me by, so I aimed for Fembruary 2019… and again in 2020… but each time I looked at the mini, she just scared the hell out of me with the level of detail! Finally I reached the point where I could no longer stand her glaring at me from my project box – her every line mocking my lack of painterly manliness… I finally put my big boy pants on, and put paint to mini:



As with my version of Kal Jeriko back in July 2018, I based my paint job on the cover art from a Necromunda book – this time it’s ‘Survival Instinct’, with cover art provided by Clint Langley:


I must admit, the colour choices on the cover art aren’t what I would’ve picked for a 28mm model – that hot pink looks great on the cover of a book for example, but is fiddly and subdued on a mini. Also, painting fishnets and a basque at this scale is exactly as difficult as it sounds! That said, there is a certain satisfaction to being as faithful as possible to an existing piece of art, and I am really pleased with the outcome.

Here’s a few more angles of the 12th daughter of Sylvanus Ulanti – note the attempted tattoo on the left cheek:


Also, she forms a very nice diptych with Kal:


Or triptych with Scabs:


So that’s all for now – back to the ‘planned’ stuff over the weekend 😊


Get to the chopper!



Greetings Terrans, how goes it? So, week four of isolation eh? Anyone else really really pleased they have enough hobby projects on the back burner to outlast any virus? I know I am – otherwise I reckon I would be climbing the walls by now.

So yeah, last week was fun. I had a week off work, (or a week of not having to work from home at least), and so I ran the Wolf Time campaign for my kids. The eldest one dropped out after the warm-up games due to some spectacular nose removal of the face spiting variety, but my youngest stuck to his Orky guns throughout and managed to win the day! It was a close-run thing though, and we had a good laugh along the way. It has even given my youngest a bit of a taste for the hobby, and he has been working on painting a wizard up since then! We try a bit of co-op Frostgrave next – I’ll let you know how that goes 😊   Meanwhile, I’ve managed a few bits too – some neglected bits that have been taking up space for far too long.

First up, a bit of ToyHammer to make this rough and ready civilian flyer:

This was a cheap drone that my boss bought for himself a while back, and the minute I saw it I knew that I could do something cool with it… I asked if I could have it if it ever broke, and being a cheap piece of crap from China, it duly it ended up in my ‘pile of potential’. Last week was he perfect opportunity to get some shed time in and get busy with the glue & rattle cans.

It’s lightly armed, (being a civilian craft), but I think it works really well as terrain item, or as a plot point in a game of something sci fi.

Scale-wise, I reckon it is pretty much perfect!



While I was on a roll, I also got this finished:

It’s an MDF storage crate from Grumpy Old Tin – I think it’s a BOYL special, and I was lucky enough to get it handed to me at BOYL last year. It has been half done for months, but I pulled my finger out and finished it off in and around other things. Here’s a few more shots:

And all together:


That isn’t the sum of my hobby last week – I got a whole range of Oldschool minis cleaned up, based, primed, and ready to pick over as the fancy takes me, so you can expect to see some classic Bob Olly goodness over the next week or two. I also finished the main build phase on a real bucket-list project – a small army that 14 year old me could only dream of owning! You’ll have to wait and see what it is though – I’m keeping it schtum until I’m finished and ready for the big reveal… feel free to try & guess of course 😉

Until next time!

Legion of the Damned – Continued



Greetings Terrans, I have a bit of a photo dump for you today – a bunch more LotD for your viewing pleasure. I apologies in advance, I’m not sure what each type is called, and I can’t be arsed to check. Also, these came out of a big crate I have that is just full of Conquest frames, so there is no rhyme or reason to these – I just built what came to hand, and I built them as they were meant to be made… Nothing fancy here, other than chips and scratched carved in, and the removal of all purity seals. So in no particular order:

First up, a 5 man unit:

And a top down view to show off their shoulder pads a bit:

I used all the guys without scopes on their bolters for this squad, and gave them a dynamic squad leader type. Not sure if he is a Sergeant or a Lieutenant, but he looks suitably aggressive for this unit.


Second, another 5 man unit:

And another top-down:

I used all the guys with scopes this time – they look a bit more ‘stand-off and shoot’ to me, and the squad leader reflects that. I also included the standard in this unit – I’m rather pleased with how it came out!


Finally, we have some specialist types:

And top down:

I think the Plasma guys are called Hellblasters, and I think the big jump-pack guy is an Aggressor? Whatever they are called, they made a fun change from the Bolter boys. One thing to note here – I really don’t like using flying bases on mins if I can help it, and I didn’t want to use one on the jump-pack guy. I tried to make it look like he was just dropping over the wall, and had kicked a bit of rubble off as he clipped the top. The illusion isn’t perfect, but I still prefer it to a flying stand…


Anyway, that’s it for today – I’ll be coming back to these guys at a later date, but we’re done for now. Next week I have been forced to take leave, so I’m going to go through the Wolf Time campaign again with the kids. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that 😊

Legion of the Damned – Primaris style


Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you all well in these increasingly bizarre and worrying times. I’ve got a bit of a photo dump to share with you today – as some of you figured out from my last post, I’ve started working on some old school Legion of the Damned, (first described in WD99 back in 1988), but re-imagined in new shiny Primaris-shaped plastic. Why Primaris? Because I have a metric ton of the smug little pricks from my Conquest subscriptions, and boy, am I glad of that! Can’t have too much to paint in these days of lock-down if you ask me…

Why Legion of the Damned? Well, because they are cool as hell, not pristine, not uniformed, and are about as (little ‘c’) chaotic as you can get without being (big ‘C’) Chaotic, and that suits my current state of mind just fine. Oh, and for the record, I know the LotD fluff moved on over various iterations of 40k, but I’m keeping it old school RT on this project – think ‘zerker zombies rather than the later spectrally flaming skellies version, ok?

That said, I am moving on from the whole historical ‘Fire Hawks lost in the warp’ schtick – I see this as a second occurrence of the LotD phenomenon, with modern Primaris that have been lost in the warp & thus I see these as being contemporary to the current 40k timeline and narrative. I think that this raises interesting questions about the events – a single event can be passed off as a freak occurrence, but two identical events? Unlikely…  It also raises the spectre of whether or not there is some design behind the LotD… It is described as a disease, so maybe it’s a Nurgle thing, or maybe one of the lesser chaos powers perhaps? I would love to think Malal is involved 😉

Anyway, here are my first efforts – a trio of… well, I’m not actually sure what hip and cool name GW gave them, but they are some kind of scouty recon types I think:






I’m pretty pleased with how they came out to be honest! They were a nice painterly challenge, not too fussy, and relatively quick to do… What do you guy think?

New beginnings


+++ Fleet Communique: Security Clearance – Epsilon Five

+++ Reporting loss of transport ‘Emperor’s Deliverance’ to warp storm – all hands & cargo lost

+++ Crew: Standard Navy complement. Manifest: Primaris Greyshields x1000, Ultima Founding

+++ The Emperor’s mercy be upon their souls

+++ Requisition 729474000276478;9287 for Primaris Greyshields x1000 (authorisation attached)



Ordo Chronos field notes:

My Lord Inquisitor. Investigations into a suspected temporal disturbance in sector ############ have yielded some evidence of displacement. Components of several shuttles have been retrieved from an orbital debris field around ########## ###. Serial markings were identifiable as belonging to the manifest of one ‘Emperor’s Deliverance’ – a standard Temperance class transport lost to the warp six standard months ago. However, the degradation of said components is severe, with auto-savant analysis predicting an exposure period of not less than 50 years standard. The absence of any sources of radiation capable of causing such degradation makes a temporal anomaly the favoured hypothesis at this time.

Of the ‘Emperor’s Deliverance’, there is no sign…



Intercepted communique relating to Inquisitorial investigation into black market dealings on (REDACTED):

############### For sale – Imperial Aquila recovered from (REDACTED) – rare example of Astartes devotional token, but of an unusual design. Condition is degraded, but there is a unique hand engraving on the reverse. Engraving reads “In Dedicato Imperatum Ultra Articulo Mortis”. Bidding to start at… ################



Extract from witness report (REDACTED)dated (REDACTED)

Subject: Citizen (REDACTED), survivor of attack on outpost (REDACTED)

Interviewer: Inquisitorial Interrogator (REDACTED)


Int: So let’s run through this again. On (REDACTED), your outpost, (REDACTED), was attacked by Ork raiders without warning. You and your fellow citizens had no time to prepare a defence, correct?

Subject: That’s right Sir, they came on us on foot, from the treeline – no vehicle smoke or noise to give them away, no chanting, nothing. They was sneaky buggers, all stealthy and quiet they were, not like any Orks I’ve ever seen.

Int: So you’ve been attacked before?

Subject: Yes Sir, many times. Orks often raid in these parts – we’ve always repelled them with the perimeter lasers without too much trouble, but this time, they were inside the compound before the guards even had a chance to raise the alarm.

Int: So what happened next?

Subject: Well Sir, it was a massacre. The Ork were everywhere, stabbing and slicing and shooting – the security detail managed to take a few down, but not enough to make a difference. My science team didn’t stand a chance.

Int: And yet when we found you, all the Orks were dead…

Subject: Yes Sir – all I heard was the sound of gun fire – not Ork gun fire, and not las, but something different. All the Orks start running toward the sound, and then I hear Orks screaming and whatnot, and then nothing!

Int: And did you see what attacked the Orks?

Subject: Well, after a good while I figured it was safe to get out and go and see what the situation was. I caught a glimpse of one of them through the smoke – a giant it was, all in black armour, but with fire and bone too… Like Astartes he was, but different.

Int: Like an Astartes?

Subject: Yeah, but bigger, newer, stealthy-looking. You know, I saw an Astartes once? I was attached to this expedition, and –

Int: You said ‘get out’… What was it you got out of?

Subject: Sir?

Int: Just now. You said that you figured it was safe to ‘get out’ and go see what the situation was… What was it you got out of?

Subject: Ah, well, yes… well, I was in a storage crate Sir…

Int: And why were you in storage crate?

Subject: Well Sir, I, er, well… I was hiding Sir… from the Orks… I mean, once they were inside, what other choice did I have?

Int: You had the same choice we all have in the end – to live as a coward, or die in service of your Emperor…

Subject: But I’m not a soldier, I’m a scientist! It would be a waste of my talents to die needlessly – I have decades of knowledge and experience! Hiding and surviving was the logical thing to do – surely you can see that –

Int: Irrelevant. Citizen (REDACTED), I find you guilty of desertion in the face of the enemy and sentence you to summary execution.

Subject: No, wait  –  no!! I demand to see –   [Interview Terminated]



Security footage of the incident has been expertly wiped – presumably by the intervention force. However, one partial image was recovered and reconstructed:

The warband of Seros Thrice Cursed is complete (for now)


Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I hope you are all safe and well, and are adjusting to this new weird reality we find ourselves in! This isolation business really does suck a bag of dicks, but every cloud has a silver lining, and hobby time is a great way to keep things on an even keel. I have some big plans, but more on that later – first, I want to share my completed DoK Warband.

The first new addition is a fourth Handmaiden for Seros – because points, it makes sense to have four Witchelves in the warband, so I used a few spares to make this bloodthirsty lass:

She is based on the Hag Queen from the Cauldron of Blood and was kindly donated by Thomas of High Times on the Eastern Fringe (thanks dude!). I finished her with some of the spare sickle arms from the flappy Harpy types. Here she is with her pals:


Next I have three choppy Harpies, (I refuse to use the bollox GW name for these winged ladies). Lovely minis but very fiddly and flimsy… They just had some minor headswap work, and changing up the basing elements.

I also built & painted two jabby types:


Finally, I couldn’t resist putting the Medusa from the Cauldron of Blood set together. She had a headswap, and all the OTT bleeding got shaved down, but she is otherwise unmodified. I don’t have a specific role in mind for her at the moment, but I think you can recruit monsters to your Warcry warband, so she might find some use as a counts-as one day:


I think that will be all for this little project for the time being – here’s a final shot of the whole group together:


Now, let’s talk a bit about stuff coming up. I was planning to do a DreadMob to support my RT Orks – very much with BOYL in mind, but the way things are, there is no guarantee that BOYL will be going ahead this year. I still do intend to do some Dreads, but not as urgently perhaps. I also have all of the Iron Claw Space Pirates collected and begging to be painted up – again, not so urgent now perhaps.

Somewhat surprisingly, I actually have the urge to clear some of the plastic crap that I have been accumulating as a result of subscribing to Warhammer Conquest… I’ve given my mate Ross all the Nurgle stuff, but I have a ton of Primaris to deal with, so I’m setting myself a little challenge – how can I do a Primaris army, and still make it old school. Ideally, this should push my painting on a bit, and get me to the point where I give at least some fucks about new 40k… Wish me luck!!