Warhammer Quest Cursed City part 1

Greetings Terrans & happy (slightly belated) Samhain. What an auspicious time to launch a new project to complete the latest Warhammer Quest boxed game – the Cursed City!! (cue spooky backround noises). For those not in the know, WQ:CC was released back in April, and it takes a party of adventurers to the titular Cursed City of Ulfenkarn, which is being ravaged by a big-bad vampire called ‘Radukar the Wolf’. The game is basically a dungeon-crawl where you need to compete missions & fight hordes of undead in order to reach & kill Radukar, and hopefully lift the curse on Ulfenkarn!

This release caused a bit of a stir in ‘the community’ – the minis are very nice indeed & the game format is now well established & very successful, but the game controversially sold out in just 2 hours… The webstore buckled under the pressure & I actually didn’t even know that I had managed to bag a copy until it turned up at my house, so yeah, frustrating release. To make matters worse, GW have implied that the game is not going to be re-released or expanded upon… ever… (cue much gnashing of fanboy teeth & the salivation of a hundred ebay scalpers!). Whether this really will be a one-off release or not I don’t know, but it makes no odds to me – I’m painting my set & you guys are along for the ride, so let’s get into it!

The box contains all the bits needed to play the game, including 60 brand new miniatures, (8 Heroes; 5 ‘Overlords’ (evil boss monsters); 37 generic baddies; 10 object markers). All the components are really high quality, and the minis look pretty darn fine. I’ll follow the same forma as I did with the Conan set – weekly(ish) posts with a few minis and a bit of a write-up. Sound good? Ok, here we go!


First up, and because Halloween, I wanted to tackle the big fella himself – Radukar the Wolf:


According to the fluff, Radukar was an ambitious warlord who wanted to become a vampire – as you do. He raided some vamp’s tomb, killed a two-headed wolf, nicked a barrow-blade from inside & this blade turned him into a vampire… He then liberated a city called Mournhold from Chaos, and became the ruler of the city – apparently, he was doing a decent job of it, but then an in-world event called the ‘Necroquake’ happened… Unfortunately for the citizens of Mournhold, the Necroquake amped up Radukar’s powers & made him lose his shit, so now the city is his hunting ground & has become known as Ulfenkarn… I find all this fluff quite tedious tbh, but the key points are Vampire, Ruler, Batshit Crazy.

Radukar is an interesting model to paint – he’s technically a very good mini, but the face gets lost in all that fur from his two-headed wolf pelt & furry hat… As such, the model lacks a clear focal point in my opinion, (though I found that giving him an orange beard helped to frame the face a little). Still, it is what it is, and I painted him up as best I could with Contrast paints & washes, drybrushing where I could get away with it, (and blending and highlighting where I couldn’t). I experimented with very faint crosshatch lines on the trousers & belt to show wear, and I also used a fair amount of corrosion where I felt it appropriate. I really used Radukar to set the tone for the whole box, and I want things to look worn and tired… The suggestion is that the curse over the city affects everything, even metals leather and cloth.


Next, I went for a big boi – the ‘Vargskyr Vampire’:


Vargskyr are bestial manifestations of the ‘Vyrkos’ strain of the Soulblight curse… I have no idea what any of that means, but I think that they are basically vampires that have been overcome by bloodlust and have devolved into bestial wolf-like creatures… Whatever it is, it’s a big mini – easily the biggest and most imposing mini in the set. It went together ok – a few minor issues with gapping here and there but nothing terrible, and painting was great fun. I really went for it with the wet blending on all the skin, pushing the highlighting & getting a very pale complexion, and then really working to get some texture in there. The fur was just really simple drybrushing, so nothing fancy… This beasty didn’t take long at all & was very satisfying to complete.

Well, that’s it for this week – I hope you enjoyed the post & the minis! Rest assured, there is more to follow next week 😊

The New Dalek Paradigm

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Another little bit of frivolity to share with you all today – as many of you know, I’m a big fan of Frostgrave and of the Joseph A. McCullough’s stable of games in general. I also enjoy Doctor Who, so when I saw a copy of Wargames Illustrated with an article entitled ‘Daleks in Stargrave’ I knew I needed to do something about the lack of Daleks in my mini collection.

I remembered that I had some ‘free on a magazine’ Daleks squirreled away – no idea what mag they were on, but they were made of crappy gold plastic, and were pretty rough looking… I went digging in my draw-of-holding and found seven of the buggers, though one had a snapped gun. The plastic was too shonky to fix number seven up, so I hacked it apart & made a damaged Dalek, complete with sculpted driver… I thought it would make a good objective marker or plot point in a game.

I did a bit of research on Dalek colour schemes these days & found out that Red ones are ‘Drones’ (and presumably go fasta), Blue ones are ‘Strategists’ (and lucky I guess?), and Orange are ‘Scientists’… For the record, there is also Yellow – ‘Eternal’ and White – ‘Supreme’, but they seemed a bit grand for my humble little force of 6.5 Daleks, so I went with a squad of 4 Drones led by a Strategist and accompanying a Scientist. The damaged Dalek was also painted as a Scientist – I imagined a game set around a Dalek incursion to retrieve data from a damaged scientist (before exterminating it for being damaged and inferior no doubt!)

Anyway, here they are:


I neglected to take a scale shot, but they are on 32mm bases, and seem very well scaled for 28mm. They were painted quickly & without too much angst over accuracy – they are shitty plastic freebees after all, so even the best painters would have a hard time polishing these turds! That said, I must admit I’m pretty happy with how they came out 😊

Anywho, that’s it for this week – I’ll be back next week with the start of another ‘complete the set’ project… Appropriately for Halloween, we’ll be delving into the Warhammer Quest Cursed City!! Catch y’all on the flip side!

Early Halloween treats!

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Phew, life after Conan eh? Well, I love having a project to do, but I must admit that it is nice to be able to just pick something whimsical up and paint it for the hell of it… This week is exactly that – a piece of whimsy inspired by this guy from the Conan set:


This is a serious mini, but while I was painting it, there was a bit of me that couldn’t help seeing ‘it’ as a him, and ‘him’ as an old caretaker in a wolf-man costume. Inevitably, my mind took me here:


These are the catchily named ‘HFN016 Gang & Dog’ from Hasslefree Minis – a lovely set of sculpts that were an absolute delight to paint. Here they are individually(ish):


And a final action pic where either someone is about to not get away with it thanks to those meddling kids, or those meddling kids are about to get their throats torn out…


That’s all for this week folks – short but sweet!