Great news – I’m not dead!


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Greetings Terrans – wow, it has been quite a while since I’ve posted… Simple reason for that is that it has been quite a while since I painted anything!! You know how sometimes you plan to take a short break from something, and then before you know it, 4 months have flown by? Yeah… that’s pretty much what happened. It’s a strange feeling – after a couple of weeks of not painting, I just didn’t have the urge to do a damn thing. I had a pile of unfinished minis that got the occasional & unfulfilling 20 minutes of paint here and there, but I wasn’t excited about them and they never seemed like they were getting closer to being finished. Gradually, my hobby gear got tidied away to make way for family life, and this made it even more of a chore to get stuck in & pick up a brush… Meanwhile, the wider hobby world continued to evolve around me, with a seemingly relentless wave of new stuff & breaking news that just became overwhelming… I couldn’t keep up, and couldn’t summon the fucks to even try.

It isn’t that I’ve been idle – far from it! I’ve been hitting the gym, I’ve been getting some longer runs in, and I’ve been putting more time in with the family, (much to their dismay). Hell, I have even been watching TV of an evening! Work has also been progressing nicely, as it slowly emerged from a chaotic time into something approaching ‘normal’. All of these important RL things very easily filled the time that had previously been occupied with toy soldiers, and given my lack of fucks to give about the hobby, it really is no wonder that I fell out of love with it for a while…. And then a strange and wonderful thing happened.

I had a very nice ‘out of the blue’ message from Papafakis asking how I was, and basically checking that I hadn’t died or anything, (thanks for caring bro! 😊). He also has Tytus (gameoftravel) visiting at the moment, and is rocking some fab looking RT games – and man, before I knew it, I started to give a slight fuck about the hobby again – just a little quiver on the fuck’o’meter needle so to speak. Also, it hadn’t even occurred to me that folks might worry about my lack of blog activity, so I figured I had better a) paint something, and b) post something… And so, after a rather long-winded explanation, here we are – an actual, honest-to-goodness painted thing:

So this is one of the fantastic Eru-Kin minis that I picked up in the Diehard KS a few years back – I didn’t manage to finish this guy in time for the army that I took to BOYL in 2018, and he’s been in his undercoat since then, (along with several other minis from the range – oh, the shame!). He wasn’t a joyous painting experience, but for the reasons stated above rather than any issue with the mini itself. It was tricky to match back to my original paint jobs, but I think I managed – here he is with some of his Amphibi-bros:

Funny thing – as well as being horribly rusty with the brush, I also found my sense of scale had gotten worse during my hiatus… I didn’t realise how big this chap was until I put him next to some other minis for this photo! I’m guessing he’s supposed to be a leader of some sort, what with the arm-mounted communicator (or possibly snack dispenser), and his natchy bionic eye… He looks like a leader to me, so that’s how I’ll fit him into my army.

Anyhoo, that’s me for now – I won’t make any promises about posting again in any particular timeframe, but I do promise to make more of an effort to do some painting, to get more hobby done, and to keep you updated. Peace out!

Getting back into the groove



Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I’m still coming to terms with life after Wolf Time – motivation to paint anything has been pretty poor these last couple of weeks, and this has combined with a general low mood, but my mojo is slowly coming back… I know from experience that the best remedy for any kind of slump is to focus on the positives and just do what I can, so I’ve been getting some decent running in the bank while the weather has been good. I also decided to crank out something quick and easy on the painting front, and have sort of committed to clearing my neglected minis pile, (which for me means ‘undercoated and based’). Fortunately, I had this wee beasty lurking in my heap’o’shame:

He’s a Diehard Miniatures Undead Minotaur – a sod to photograph but a lovely sculpt, and for me, the perfect mini to get back into painting. I’ve followed my usual approach to undead here – mainly ink washes, only using ‘proper’ highlighting for the bone & metal, and then some rust, blood & goo added for good measure… nothing taxing, just a basic zombie jobby! I also finished up this long-neglected chaotic type:

I think he’s from the Pantheon of Chaos range, but I can’t find him on their site so feel free to educate me in the comments if you know better! Regardless of provenance, he’s a superb mini with loads of old school charm. I’ve painted him to go with my version of ‘Konrad Venkel’ from PoC… I vaguely had/have a notion to build a chaotic warband in the service of Malal, so black & white predominates on these guys, and an overtly insectoid look abounds. Clearly this is a slow burning project – I painted Konrad back in August last year, so at this rate, I’ll have a decent warband by the time I retire! For now, the party stands thusly:


Aaaand that’s it I’m afraid folks – nothing else doing at the moment! I’m going to be away from my paints for a week, and then I plan to crack on with the rest of my neglected minis – mostly Diehard Eru-kin and a certain Necromundan celebrity. I’m not sure what to expect after that – I have vague plans for a Wood Elf BB team, expanding my DoK for Warcry, some sci-fi civilians and a RoC warband, but not sure what order to approach this in… I’m kinda keen to try Warcry, so maybe DoK might get to the head of the queue? We’ll see.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks – onwards and upwards!

Wolf Time – the saga is written



Greetings Terrans! Well, finally it is done. The Wolf Time is over, and the dust is settling on another superb BOYL. As a reminder, here is the context:

Five years ago, Commander Enoch, with nine of the ten warrior companies that comprised the Spacewolves, had joyously begun the chapter’s five hundred and nineteenth crusade. There were few warrior-brethren left now. The crusade was almost at an end. Soon they would return to their own world of Lucan and the formidable fortress-monastery that was their ancient home. Xit would be their final challenge – the last campaign of a five year mission to cleanse the recently discovered worlds of alien occupation.

The years had taken their toll on the chapter’s resources – both human and otherwise. The Restitution’s sister ship, the Vengeance, had been lost in the fighting around Tulwa. Her brave crew and half the fighting contingent died in the burning hulk. Most of the transport still lay immobile and rusting in the swamps of Jytor. It was doubtful if the Restitution was in any condition to fight, twenty seven percent of her hold capacity and thirty four percent of habitable areas were sealed pending major repairs. Over a hundred men had been trapped in the damaged sections when the threat of depressurisation forced the decision to seal. The Imperial edict that began the crusade was an inestimable honour, but its completion would allow much-needed time to rebuild the weary and depleted Spacewolves.

Here is the account of their final challenge on the planet Xit::


1st game: Temple Mountain

Ork forces: Commander Alug (power armour, heavy flamer, power glove), 3 Ork combat units (4 bolters & 1 heavy bolter per unit), 5 Ork Technicians with pistols & swords

Marine forces: Commander Enoch, Librarian Edrigar, Recon unit (jet bikes), 2 Spacewolf combat units (Yellow & Red), 1 Support Squad (Red)

A bold start from the Spacewolves – they committed a strong force to recon the mountain top temple and locate the energy source that delivered power to Kulo’s Castle. The jet bikers flew in to the midst of the Ork camp, while the remainder slogged their way up the mountainside on foot. The Jetbikes suffered a hail of fire, resulting in all 5 bikes down on turn 1! The ancient machines crashed spectacularly, killing an Ork and disturbing a nest of squigs in the Ork dunny (toilet). Two of the jetbike riders managed to roll out of the crash, but were immediately set upon by angry (and shitty) squigs. However, the distraction was enough to allow the remaining Marines to make short work of the disorganised Ork force, and to notice that the retreating Technicians seemed to disappear into the temple through a hole in the floor! A squad investigated, and found a grav lift to a hidden control room, where the power source could be deactivated. Unfortunately, once the power was out, the grav lift ceased to work, so the enterprising Marines mined the place with explosive canisters and blew the room to pieces. Meanwhile, Commander Enoch and another squad tracked down the Ork commander and remaining boys. They were dispatched with brutal efficiency. Marine casualties are light, and most of the injured make a full recovery on their way to the rendezvous at Kulo’s castle.




2nd game: Into the Pit

Ork forces: Commander Thrallgash (power armour, hand flamer, plasma gun, power glove, jump pack), 4 Ork combat units (4 bolters & 1 heavy bolter per unit), 5 Ork Technicians with plasma guns & swords

Marine forces: Capt. Greylock, Capt. Inferno, 2 Spacewolf combat units (Orange & Green), 1 Support Squad (White)

The Marines arrive to find alarms blaring and the Orks running around like headless squigs. What they don’t realise is that the Ork generator is moments from overloading and blowing itself to pieces! The Ork’s only hope is for the technicians to control the pressure build-up while the troops open the safety valves in each corner of the board. Surprisingly, the Marines opt to trip one of the safety valves themselves, while the Orks manage to trip another two… Things are looking good for the Orks, but their plans are dashed within a few turns, as the Marine support squad sits back and blows the generator doors off before firing a missile directly into the building! Miraculously, the generator itself is unscathed, but the supporting technicians are wiped out. Commander Thrallgash acts decisively, using his jump pack to get within plasma range of the support squad before opening fire and almost wiping out the entire squad in a single round of shooting. Enraged, Captain Inferno charges the Ork Commander, and a protracted combat ensues, while the remaining Marines push on to the generator compound. The Marines slowly gain the upper hand and Inferno eventually dispatches Thrallgash, allowing the Marines to destroy the second generator. Again, many of the Marine casualties make a recovery in time for the final scenario.




3rd game: Miasma at Trembling Teeth

Ork forces: Commander Kalug (power armour, bolt gun, bolt pistol, chainsword, heavy plasma gun), 4 Ork combat units (4 bolters & 1 heavy bolter per unit), Additional combat unit (bolters, leader has a hand flamer)

Marine forces: Capt. Storm, Navigator Ocellati, 2 Spacewolf combat units (Blue & Purple), 1 assault unit

The Marines arrive to find their approach is shrouded by a thick cloud of fumes and smoke. They cautiously begin to make their way towards the Ork compound before discovering just how dangerous the Trembling Teeth are as a number Marines disappear through the thin crust of cooled lava and are instantly killed. Meanwhile the Orks peer into the gloom, looking for any trace of danger. Eventually, the Marines get within firing range, but find that their shooting is relatively ineffective and serves only to give away their positions. The Orks let rip with abandon, and begin to thin out the Marines as they scramble for some secure footing away from the treacherously thin lava crust. Slowly, the Marine firepower manage to even the odds, but the battle becomes a grinding war of attrition. Eventually, Navigator Ocellati and Captain Storm are the only surviving members of the task force, and the remaining Ork sentries & Commander continue to push them hard. Finally, only Ocellati remains, and after punching the door of one of the generator towers, he takes cover and fires his digi-lasers into the exposed machinery. This sets off a chain reaction that destroys the generator, and when the dust settles, only Ocellati remains standing. This was the closes battle so far, but Ocellati’s survival allows the Marines to claim the field and recover their wounded for the final battle*.

*This proved decisive, as the recovery of these injured Marines increased the amount of available troops by a third for the final game




4th game part 1: Kulo’s Castle – Spaceship level

Ork forces: 1 Ork warrior unit (bolters, bolt pistols, hand weapons), 5 Ork Scumbo units (pistols & swords), 5 Ork guards (power armour, bolter, chainsword)

Marine forces: Cmdr Enoch, Librarian Edrigar, Capt. Storm, Inferno & Greylock, Navigator Ocellati, 2 Assault Marines, 5 Support Marines, 25 Tactical Marines, Phase Field Generator

The Marines finally arrive at Kulo’s Castle – they had successfully disabled all power to the fortress, but their late arrival allowed the Orks to intercept their supply cache and steal their Plasma and Melta grenades. The Marine phase field generator had also been vandalised and no longer worked reliably. Undeterred, the Marines entered the first level of Kulo’s Castle from the north and south, and began a slow advance through the complex. The Ork guards seemed more interested in retreat, while the Scumbos fought (and died) bravely. The Marine advance looked unstoppable, but the northern assault had surged ahead and found themselves exposed to concentrated overwatch fire – this was not helped when a swarm of angry squigs erupted from the dunny, pinning a squad of Marines in place while a mob of Skumbos gleefully lobbed their looted melta grenades into the melee. Librarian Edrigar lost his life in the struggle, as did many other Marines, but eventually only one Ork Warrior squad remained behind a makeshift barricade with Capt. Greylock pushing the assault. The Orks managed to hold the line for a short time, but were utterly crushed when Navigator Ocellati flanked them thanks to the cunning use of the phase field generator to tear a hole in a wall & allow the Navigator to get behind the defenders. The remaining Marines discovered the main stairs and a hidden ladder that led to the dungeon level, and prepared for the final assault.





4th game part 2: Kulo’s Castle – Dungeon level

Ork forces: Governor Kulo (2 bolt pistols, power glove, neuro disruptor), Captain of the Guard Rulko (power armour, flamer, bolt pistol, chainsword), Navigator Fogg (bolt gun, 2 bolt pistols, vortex grenade), Doc Spleenripper (bolt pistol, bionic arm – power glove, shainsword, 4 digilasers), Cook Ram’s-Eye (hand weapon, swarm of squigs), 2 Guard squads and 5 individual guards (power armour, bolter, chainsword), 2 warrior squads (bolt pistol, bolter, hand weapon)

Marine forces: Cmdr Enoch, Capt. Storm, Inferno & Greylock, Navigator Ocellati, 2 Assault Marines, 4 Support Marines, 15 Tactical Marines, Phase Field Generator

The final assault was brutal – the Marines ignored the more obvious approach down the staircase, and proceeded to mass a beachhead at the foot of the secret ladder in the north-west corner of the compound. The Orks scrambled to respond to this threat, but their efforts were hampered by a surprise incursion of local primitive humans who seemed hell-bent on killing as many greenskins as they could*. In addition, the Ork defence was strangely disjointed, as various characters held back and failed to commit fully to the fight**. Navigator Fogg unleashed the fearsome power of his Vortex Grenade, but rather than target the Marines, he used it to block their progress and force them to fight Kulo and his guards. Cook Ram’s-Eye held back, but Doc Spleenripper and the Ork warrior squads were cut down by the rampaging natives! Navigator Fogg was also cornered by the natives and was duly massacred, while Rulko managed to slow the Marine advance with his flamer. Cook Ram’s-Eye went down fighting, his loyal squigs snapping and snarling at the Marines to the end. Only 18 Marines remained, and Capt. Storm and Greylock were lost, but finally, Kulo was cornered. Commander Enoch fought the warlord hand to hand, but was displaced out of combat by his displacer field. Eventually, Navigator Ocellati managed to land the killing blow on the Ork Warlord – the Spacewolves had triumphed, but the cost was high… Only 20 Marines remained from the entire Spacewolf chapter, including Enoch and Inferno. Navigator Ocellati also survived – less than a third of the starting force.

*I introduced a small force of natives who were trying to rescue their shaman. However, the shaman died before he could even move, so they settled for some vengeance on the greenskins.

**I had added some political infighting subplots for the Ork players, meaning that each was also trying to be the last Ork character standing!




Well, what a campaign!! I am so chuffed with how it went, but there are definitely some things I would correct/do differently next time. I think the Marine recovery rolls could do with being a bit tougher, and I made a rules gaff on the third game which would’ve prevented the Marines from doing recovery rolls (digi-laser are cc only, so Ocellati should not have been able to stand off and fire!). That said, I think the game could’ve handled those mistakes, but I fatally unbalanced the last game with the introduction of the native humans… They easily accounted for about half of the defending Orks, and it made for a very one-sided final battle… this was a let-down for the poor Ork players, and that is entirely on me. Otherwise, the campaign was extremely well constructed and very nicely balanced. At one point, Rick Priestly himself came over to see what was going on,  (along with Nigel Stillman), and his first question was ‘does it work’… I think the answer is a resounding YES!!



I got a lot of really nice comments about the terrain and the quality of the minis over the weekend, so that was awesome, but the most important thing for me is that the players really enjoyed themselves. I take no credit for that, it was entirely down to how well they bought in to it, and their enthusiasm really brought the games to life. Huge shout out to Jesper, and variously, Paul McW, Paul E, Chris & Garth on the Marine side, and to the J-team (Jochen, Joel & Julien) on the Ork side – you guys took something good, and you made it awesome. Special mention to Colin and his expert handling of the Azmaa too, (native humans – vengeance has been served!).

Also I want to say a massive thanks to Mark @ Heresyofus for pulling out all the stops to make the the superb 3D printed spaceship/dungeon, and to those who loaned bits of scatter to dress the set, (JB and James), and particularly to Curtis for making me a kitchen from scratch! I also want to thank everyone who liked, commented and supported me on the road – it was a long slog, and you guys kept me going way past the point where a sane person would’ve called it a day. Finally, as always, the biggest thank you goes to the Ansell clan & Garth for making the event possible. BOYL is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the Oldhammer scene, but it wouldn’t be possible without them.

Well, that’s all for now folks – I’m going to take a break from hobby and blogging for a few weeks while I recharge the old batteries. I’ve got the post-BOYL blues at the moment, and I need to find something to get my juices flowing! Catch you all soon :-)

Last minute odds and ends


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Greetings Terrans – last post before I head off to BOYL, so I thought I’d do a quick wrap-up of the last few bits I managed to rush through this week. Nothing stellar here, just quick and easy stuff:

Barrels, crates & gas canisters – always useful:


Shed for game 3 – supposed to be a storage shed, but I thought I’d have some fun with it & make the quintessential ‘I’d give it a minute if I were you’ type of convenience that an Ork might favour:


‘Rock Forest’, also for game 3 – these will be on a volcanic game mat, hence the colour:


‘Fighting pit’ for the dungeon level of Kulo’s Castle. Obviously, I can’t dig a pit in my game board, so I made a fighting cage instead:


Examination table for da Doc’s room (or possibly a torture table for the torture room):


Simple ‘gravity lifts’ to connect the levels of Kulo’s Castle:


Landing pad – Part of the top level of Kulo’s Castle, but it can only be reached from the air so only the Marine Jet Bikes can actually use it. The stairs are also separate, and can be used for the main stairs in the dungeon level:


Benches and tables for the Great Hall:


And finally, a rather stained & unsanitary bed for Kulo’s sleeping chamber:


Phew! So that’s it folks, the build & paint part of the Wolf Time project is officially done! I didn’t have time to do everything I would’ve liked to do – I would’ve loved to have a load of cupboards, lockers, bookcases, shelves of ‘stuff’ etc. but I just ran out of time. That said, I reckon we’ll be ok with all these items and with the awesome bits that other folks are kindly bringing along.

Next time I post it’ll be on the campaign itself – I’m really looking forward to the games, but it is also strange to think that the whole thing will be over soon… Endings are a funny thing – it’ll be the culmination of almost a year of work and focus, so very rewarding, but also sad to be finished in a way. I’ve learned a hell of a lot over the course of this project – there has been a shitload of organising, researching, painting, sculpting, building and collaborating. There have been many ups and downs, but one constant has been the encouragement & motivation I’ve received from you guys out there in the interwebs and in real life too – even non-gamer friends & family have been cheering me on! I want to formally thank all of those that encouraged and supported me… this is as much down to you guys as it is to me.

Right, that’s enough of the soppy stuff, I’m off to pack the car & get ready to hit the road in the morning. I’m doing all day at Warhammer World tomorrow, and then heading to Newark for the long weekend. Hopefully see some of you around over the weekend!  😊

Kulo’s Castle…


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Greetings Terrans, and welcome. This is it folks, the big one, Kulo’s Castle in 3D… I have been looking forward to completing this part of the project, but let’s start at the beginning, shall we? From the Marine briefing in the Book of the Astronomican:

“The stronghold is built around the ruins of a crashed Ork spacecraft, and is heavily garrisoned. There is a main entrance to the south and a separate vehicle entrance to the north. There is an additional domed area covering an aerial launch pad, through which it may be possible to bring airborne troops, although it will probably be necessary to destroy it first.”

And from the Ork briefing:

“The stronghold is built on two levels: a top ‘spaceship’ level, and a bottom ‘dungeon’ level. Kulo never leaves the bottom level except in a dire emergency.”

The original scenario used a whole bunch of GW floor tiles that were available back in the day, arranged as per the maps included in the book. I had many kind offers of PDF access to these floor tiles, but I really wanted to do something a bit special for BOYL, and so wanted to recreate the maps in 3D… no small task! But I broadly had the concept that the first level should be industrial, while the second level could be less so. I figured that the dungeon level would probably share a lot of the look of the first floor, as the Orks would no doubt salvage parts of their ship to make walls and such.

I had many different thoughts and ideas on how to achieve this, but eventually settled on using the Mag Bellum system from Heresy of Us… I spoke with Mark about it back in April, and we worked out how to recreate an approximation of the map using magnetic floor tiles and plug-in wall sections. I commissioned the project, and we went to prototyping. After a few alterations, Mark had a system figured out, and then did an incredible job in casting a total of 12.25 square feet of floor tiles & 3D printing a staggering 399” of walls and 60 edging strips! The final kit list is as follows:

  • 20 x 3”x3” smooth floor tiles
  • 12 x 6”x6” smooth floor tiles
  • 39 x 3”x3” industrial floor tiles
  • 22 x 6”x6” industrial floor tiles
  • 16 x 3” edging strips
  • 44 x 6” edging strips
  • 57 x 6” walls (including 6 with big doors and 15 with small doors)
  • 19 x 3” walls (including 4 with small doors)

Mark very kindly hand delivered all 229 individual parts at the beginning of July, and even more kindly stuck around for ten hours to help sand & clean all the bits, and then we had to glue all the magnets into the floor tiles and edging strips… 864 magnets in all!

I have spent the last three weeks spraying, shading, drybrushing and weathering it all – I think it is fair to say that this was a hell of a job, but it was finally finished on Monday night. I used the same recipe that I used on the generator buildings – remember that they were built from salvaged spaceship parts, so it made sense to keep a common palette. Once all the bits were finally painted, I put it all together and worked out a few snags – this is an advanced prototype after all! After some fettling and adjustments, I ended up with this for the top ‘spaceship’ level:



And then reconfigured it all with different floor tiles to create this for the ‘dungeon’ level, (with cork rocks to build the tunnel walls):



And here are some staged ‘action’ pics for your pleasure:



I also picked up a nice little template for Navigator Fogg’s vortex bomb – I was going to make my own, but it was cheap, and time is against me:



So what do you guys think? I know it isn’t perfect, and there are a few design changes to discuss with Mark, but it’s pretty damn impressive, no? Of course, it is looking a bit sparse so I need to get some scatter terrain in there! I really really need some help with this so please, if you are going to BOYL and you have any crates, barrels, book shelves, generic Orky furniture, etc. then can you pack them & let me have a lend please? I’m going to spend the remaining time doing what I can, and I’ve had some kind offers from a few people already, (James, Curtis, you sexy legends!), but the more the merrier…

Right, back to it – seven more days until I pack & head to BOYL!! Let’s see what extras I can crank out between now and then 😉

Power to the people!


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Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I know it has been quite idle on this here little blog, but I’ve been far from idle behind the scenes! I’ve been working my way through more terrain for the second & third Wolf Time games – mostly items to do with power generation. Let’s go straight into scenario 2.

Scenario 2 is set at a geologically active area of the island – one where sudden and violent winds howl through a network of subterranean tunnels, occasionally breaching the surface with explosive results! I’m paraphrasing, but basically the Orks have rigged up a huge turbine from bits salvaged from their crashed space craft – this single large building caps a permanent blowhole in a rather precarious way, has a single double door and a wooden watchtower accessible from the roof. The generator is in a walled compound, along with two long huts (so reusing the ones from the first scenario), The Orks also have four control valves located around the facility to manage the flow of gasses to the generator. I haven’t built the walls yet, but the rest is done, so let’s take a look!

First, the big generator building:

This big beasty was basically assembled from a takeaway food bowl, a section of cardboard tube, an old pc fan, thick card and coffee stirrers. Additional detail was added from the ever-useful ‘Maelstrom’s Edge’ terrain sprue, plus a few odds and ends from the bits pile. Once primed, I textured the main building with Typhus Corrosion before spraying again with a pale green, and then washed, drybrushed and weathered the hell out of it. You’ve probably noticed that the turbine fan appears to be moving in the pics – that’s because it is! I figured out the wiring & plumbed in a 9v battery to spin that bad-boy :-)


And here are the control valves for the same scenario (pictured with a commanders hut for scenario 3 – slightly confusing know, but ignore the hut for now):

Nothing special to report here – all are from Crooked Dice, and painted in the same way as the long huts I presented in my last post. Right, on to the next scenario!


Scenario 3 is set in a lava field set in the midst of a stone forest. The Ork compound has two tall, cylindrical heat exchanger towers, each with a tall wooden watchtower with an emplaced Heavy Bolter in each one. The compound also has two long huts (again, reusing the ones from the first & second scenario), as well as a smaller hut for the commander and a tool shed. I haven’t finished the shed yet, but the rest is done – as before, let’s start with the generators:

These were fairly simple to build – the main buildings are just cardboard tubes with a bit of Maelstrom’s Edge bling, and watch towers built from more coffee stirrers. The heavy Bolters are on magnets, so can be placed on any of the pintles set around the outside of the watchtowers, (including the big building from scenario two if I choose). I also set some magnets inside the tubes, with the idea of connecting the two buildings with some cabling. The cable junction boxes are small crates with the handles shaved off, magnets set inside, and wires glues into small holes.

And here is the commander’s hut for the same scenario – with the roof off this time:

Nothing special to report here either – the hut is also from Crooked Dice, and painted in the same way as the long huts I presented in my last post!


So that’s it for Orky generators, but there is one other generator mentioned in the game – a phase field generator, that may be available to the Marines to use in the last scenario. I couldn’t find a picture of a phase field generator anywhere, but the Rogue Trader rulebook describes it as a large, heavy bit of kit that temporarily phases a small patch of matter into the warp, allowing models to create a doorway through any solid object. Of course, the field isn’t 100% stable, and can collapse with spectacularly terminal results for anyone caught inside the field when it pops! I bashed together a fairly industrial-looking bit of kit from bits & pieces to do the job, and gave it a very quick paintjob in Space Wolf colours:

I quite like the end result, despite it being a low effort affair – it actually ended up looking quite steampunk! Here’s a final shot of some Marines trying to phase their way into an Ork building:


So that’s it for now – I have just 15 more days to finish the project! There are other odd jobs that I may or may not get time to do – walls etc. but none are vital to the scenarios, so I’m counting these as stretch goals… However, the final critical bit of the project is a biggy… Kulo’s Castle… Wish me luck!