Warhammer Quest Cursed City part 7

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? This is likely my last post before Christmas, but I think it’s a good ‘un 😊

First up, someone who clearly has issues forming meaningful relationships within his own species – it’s Torgillius the Chamberlain:

I liked painting this guy far more than I thought I would to be honest – I thought the model was a bit over the top when I first saw it, but having it in hand really changed my mind! Out of all of the villains, this one is the most human, so the skin tone, while pale, is at least recognisably human. I stayed away from the ‘official’ colour scheme & went with something more in line with how I’d painted the rest of the baddies, and I had a bit of fun with some OSL on that crow… I couldn’t resist adding a bit of birdie doo-doo under the crow’s perch… yeah, that’s a painting first for me :-D


Next, I gave him some pets to play with:

So that’s 2×3 unique bases each of bats and rats to give 6 total for each creature type. Notice that there are 2 bases of each that contains a bigger-than-usual specimen – I think these are ‘alpha’ bases (for lack of a better term). Really not much to say here – black contrast paint and neat drybrushing did 90% of the work for me!


The time saved on these suckers allowed me to paint these three reprobates – the Vyrkos Bloodborne:

I reckon these are some of the nicest minis in the box, and I was really looking forward to painting ‘em. The posing is really nicely done – it could easily have easily looked a bit odd having them all up in the air, but the designers absolutely nailed it in my humble opinion. I replicated the white flesh that I used on the big Vargskyr Vampire, but I also used the black-to-orange hair that I used for Radukar. I don’t have a group shot, but in hand it works nicely to unify the set, and is a nice way to conclude the evil side of the box!

That’s all for now guys & gals, have a happy & safe Christmas, and I’ll catch you all after the festivities.

Warhammer Quest Cursed City part 6

Greetings Terrans, just a very quick post today – it doesn’t feel like it warrants a big fuss, but I did some more things for the Cursed City:

As with the zombies and skeletons, the hanged skellies can be built in two ways so you end up with a spare of each top/front piece. I liked them so much that I decided to embellish the tombstone markers with the spare pieces. Incredibly, these are the only conversions I have made so far!


As I was doing markers, I thought I’d crank out the other four while I was at it:

All very straight forward stuff – I painted the imps as gargoyles and so copied the same approach for stone & masonry that I’ve been using for a while.


Finally, as I was doing odds and sods, I thought I might as well paint up the two zombie-cats:

These were fun – the paler one is meant to be Siamese & is an homage to my own dearly departed pet cat… The kids pulled a face when I showed them but it amuses me, and I suspect that the cat wouldn’t be offended 😊


Anyway, that’s the last of my quarantine output, back to normal as of midnight!!

Warhammer Quest Cursed City part 5

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Happily, my brush with Covid is progressing nicely – my case was very mild, (which I am attributing to being vaccinated), and my self-quarantine finishes on midnight Saturday. Self-isolating in your own home is a weird and rather sad affair, and I am looking forward to hugging my wife and kids on Sunday morning! That said, being stuck in one room has given me plenty of opportunity to paint, so I really cracked on this week and painted the bony side of the box!

First up, Watch Captain Halgrim:

I had great fun with this guy – as with the Zombies I shared last week, I spent way more effort on this than I usually would for a skeleton, but the mini really deserved the extra care. I wanted the armour to look really old and corroded, but with hints of gold here and there to hint at ancient finery. I followed the same thought process on the hip plate, (the Tasset?), and added some tiny cheques to give a little more detail.


Next up, the skellies, in groups of five:

I followed the same approach as I did for Halgrim, with the only notable addition being the banner. I thought about trying for some sort of heraldry for Ulfenkarn, but settled for a tried and tested flaming skull approach instead.

Here they are all together, ready for action:


That’s all for now folks – a few more days of isolation to get through, so I may have more progress to share sooner than would otherwise be the case! Stay safe out there droogs 😊