Blackstone Fortress Part 6

Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I have a smidge of progress to share on my Blackstone Fortress set – it has been a really busy time, so not much space for hobby, but I done bagged me a Kroot:


This is ‘Dahyak Grekh’ apparently, and he’s a Kroot mercenary, and he’s one of the better minis in the set I think. I had fun painting him, adding some texture to his cloak and generally roughing him up. I don’t know anything about Kroot – this is the first time I’ve ever painted one in fact, so I had no real frame of reference & just went with what felt ‘right’:


All in all, I’m pretty pleased with old Dahyak – I may see about picking up the Kroot Killteam to give him a flock to hang with.

Anyhoo, that’s all folks. Another busy week next week, but I’m hoping to get some Warcry stuff done over the holidays.

Random Interlude 3

Greetings Terrans, something truly random today – I recently picked up one of those new-fangled ‘League of Votann’ nouveaux-Squats as a free giveaway mini at the local GW… well, seemed rude not to do something with it:


I spliced in some Fyreslayer bits & and gave him a CSM head from BS Fortress – no plan, I just wanted to do something a bit different really! The paint job was a bit of a faff – I hate edge highlighting at the best of times, but I hate it even more when the actual edges aren’t very clearly defined… Still, it’s tough to argue with free, and he came out ok I think.

As a side note, last week Jon posted a comment about the Votann, comparing them to the Sontarans from Dr. Who – absolutely spot on with the official GW fluff, and the head that I used is a bit too close for comfort – now I can’t unsee it! As another side note, I think I have painted more Dwarfs this year than I have over the rest of my life… weird!

Anyhoo, that’s all for this post – painting time is a bit limited at the moment, but hopefully I’ll manage to get a little bit of something done for next week. Cheers!

Blackstone Fortress Part 5

Greetings Terrans, I’ve got quite a (a-hem) short post for you today…

Space Hobbits:


These two wee scamps are ‘Rein and Raus’, the Rattling (aka Space Hobbit) twins that are one of the ‘goodie’ options for Blackstone Fortress.

Now, full disclosure… I really don’t like the whole barefoot Hobbit thing at the best of times, (sorry Tolkien!), but to then lazily port that stupid trope straight into 40k really grips my shit… (Really? Woolly toes too? Oh, do f*** off GW, why not give them a bag of Hobbit food too – oh you did… Brill.)

Still, that aside, these are actually really fun minis to paint – full of character, and with a decent amount of detail. I went with a general militaristic vibe, and I just followed my now usual ‘Contrast followed by Highlight’ approach. These two can hang with my Inquisitor warband when they aren’t padding around all barefoot, spreading their Hobbity verrucae all over the BS Fortress.

That’s all folks, catch you later :-)