Hello! I am starting this blog to share my interest in Warhammer 40k, specifically with the Praetorian Imperial Guard. To give you an idea about my background I started collecting, painting and playing 40k in the 90’s as a teenager, back in the RT days. I drifted away from the hobby in early adulthood, but I got back into it about two years ago after my parents found my old models while clearing out their loft. My eldest son saw them and was fascinated, and I admit that I had real pangs of nostalgia, (probably due to my age!). Back then I had managed to collect and paint a few Imperial Guard squads, mostly Tallarn and Catachan, but really I wanted to get the limited edition Praetorian set, (something to do with being Welsh and loving the film ‘Zulu’ I suppose). I couldn’t afford it back then, but nostalgia + disposable income + ebay = new project! The ‘Dauntless’ 215th Praetorian regiment was formed, and the aim of this blog is to share that process with you by gradually bring you up to date with progress so far, and then keeping you current with new stuff. Tally ho!!