Hello chaps, a very quick post from me today – I just wanted to share some WIP shots to give an idea of what I’m up to at the moment. First up is this handsome chap:

2015-04-15 23.32.40

He’s based on Krom Dragongaze from Stormclaw, mixed up with bits from the Skullreaper/Wrathmonger kit… He’s shaping up nicely IMO – still vaguely Imperial looking, but barbarous and chaotic at the same time. The idea is to reimagine the Stormclaw dataslate as a wolf pack that is on the turn as that daemonic axe slowly warps his mind. I’ll be mulling over a decent backstory over the coming weeks, and this project will be a slow burner model-wise, but I think we’re off to a good start. You can expect a Blanchesque approach to the painting – comments welcome :-)


I also got a few of my Rogue Trader Pirates based up:

2015-04-15 23.34.39

I’m just going to slowly paint my way through these guys on a per model basis – the aim here is to have fun and paint stuff that isn’t a uniform! Hopefully the end result will be a group of models that can be used in a number of ways – conscripts, gangers, cultists… even pirates!

Peace out Brothers – until next time.