Happy Friday folks, quick update for the weekend – I got this fine chap finished last night – his name is Bulk (the incredible):


He’s (I think) a 1988 sculpt by Jes Goodwin, and was great fun to paint. All that skin gave me a chance to try out a few things – I had a successful-ish first go with some wet palate blending, and I had plenty of room for tats… (not so sure about the one on the right forearm, but meh… he must’ve been drunk for that one).



I know he isn’t strictly a Space Pirate, but he fits right in with the rest of the gang IMO – I imagine him as being the loyal sidekick/bodyguard for Captain Benjamin E. Fitzfreud, (the chap with the hat):



Speaking of the gang, I’m a bit stuck on a good gang name… red skulls seem to crop up a lot in the painting, and I’m kind of thinking about the acronym A.R.S.E   (*blank* Red Skull *blank*…), but not dead-set on it… Any suggestions from you wise folks? I would sure appreciate some input on this!


Oh, I almost forgot… looky what came in the post yesterday:


Oh happy day :-)