Happy Tuesday folks, a very quick one today. I got another couple of Pirates completed over the last two evenings – I’d usually wait until I had a few more done before posting, but these guys are significant for me, as this is the first time I have tried painting non-caucasian skin. I wanted to achieve a deep African skin tone, and strangely, I was quite nervous about trying this from a technical perspective… it’s not like GeeDub have a helpfully named range of paint for darker skin or anything useful like that, so I just kind of experimented with different tones until I arrived at something that looked right, (at least to my eye):


For those interested, I went with Dryad Bark, Agrax Earthshade wash, and then Cathan Brown up to Bugman’s Glow. I think I’m happy with it, but  what do you guys think? I’d certainly be interested in any recipes for different skin tones that you folks may have!

Another point of interest is the guy on the right – his leg had me scratching my head… I just couldn’t make out if it was supposed to be biological or mechanical! A quick check on some old flyers with the full range painted up confirmed the latter, which makes more sense and goes nicely with his bionic arm… whether his bionics are xenos in origin is open to speculation! He is going to be at least a champion/sergeant level character, with bonuses for his bionics in RT, (or a power glove in 40k).

That’s all for now dudes, have a good week :-)