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Hi folks, quick photo dump today – I finished my Rogue Trader build last night, and I’ve had a forced redesign on the sword following an ‘incident’ that involved a 3 foot nose dive onto a solid oak floor. The original sword was a write-off – fiddly resin bits all over the place, completely un-repairable. Amazingly, I didn’t even swear, and at least the legs stayed on…

Anyway, once I had recovered, I had a good rummage in the bits pile and knocked up with a cool samurai-esqu AdMech alternative which I quite like. I was a bit stuck on how to attach it, but ended up experimenting with a little mechanical grabber thingy that holds the sword out of the way at the back, but pivots up for the Trader to grab when needed. It’s a bit of a novel approach, but I think it looks quite cool and gives the model a good silhouette… I don’t know if the photos do it justice, but hopefully you get the idea? As an added bonus, the sword is detachable for painting & storing :-)

I also added a few other bits and bobs – a scanner, some relics, more grenades, a roll of parchment – (no doubt his Trader licence), and a purity seal. Phew! He’s all tooled up and ready for anything! Now, just a bit more GS to smooth out the joints and it’s time to get painting!