Happy Friday folks, just a quick post from me today – I’ve been really slow on the painting front for the last week… No particular reason, just not really been feeling the mojo if you know what I mean? I did manage to finish these two chaps off though – they are two of the original ’91 Marauder tech gangers with modern AdMech arms & weapons. These guys are going to be part of the Agentia Scrutator salvage squad I started back in July, (blogged about here), and are part of my mission to tick off all my part-finished projects. Trouble is, I kind of loose enthusiasm for these lingering types, which is probably why it has taken me a while to get around to finishing these two… Anyhow, here they are as a pair and with the other members of the salvage squad:




I have two more salvage agents built and ready to paint, and then my desk will be completely clear!! I’m looking forward to having a bit of space – I have a few fun projects in mind, including a whole bunch of non-comms and some kick-ass robots… watch this space!