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Happy Monday folks, I’ve had a really poor week hobby-wise, with hardly any time for painting at all! But… I did manage to finish this guy, and I am rather pleased with the result:


He’s based on the old Titan Princeps Seniores, (thank you Ross!), tricked out with Skiitari/Sicarian arms and appendages. I intended for him to form part of the growing ‘Agentia Scrutator’ salvage team on my work bench, but I also wanted him to stand out a bit, either as a character or even as a lone agent. I just reversed the colour scheme to achieve this – a simple trick that seems to have worked. Here he is with the other tech ganger for comparison, (a good excuse for a slightly better photo of the first guy):


I also got slightly side tracked with the freebee AoS mini that came on the cover of last week’s White Dwarf… I got a bit obsessed with stuffing the body cavity with rods and cogs, but after a lot of huffing and puffing I ended up with this – the Tick-Tock man:


I have some ideas for this dude – I imagine that he is a creepy automaton that dwells deep in the sumps, some technological relic of a past age. Rarely seen by anyone who lives to tell the tale, he has become a mythical bogyman used to frighten children… but, (of course), the tales are true and the Tick-tock man is real, toiling away in the depths – but to what end?

“Run, run, as fast as you can,

Don’t get caught by the Tick-Tock man…”

(Sump nursery rhyme)