Hello chaps & chapesses, just a quick post today. I got a few more civilians completed over the week – a pair of excellent Inquisitorial scribes from the 2000’s, and two more of the Colony 87 minis (a porter and a preacher type). I’ve been playing with inks again, particularly trying to get a way of painting Black that I like… these guys were given many black washes, a slightly thicker wash in the recesses and then a very light drybrush with I think Eshin Grey. It’s subtle, but I think I like it! The Colony 87 chaps have been painted to go with the House Malocchio nobles that I presented last week, though a bit shabbier, (as befits their station). Here they are:



And here’s the Malocchio family discussing tithes with some scribes of the Administratum… Conte Fabian doesn’t look to happy about it!



Anyhow, that’s it for today – no fluff for these guys I’m afraid, (though they are certainly characterful enough!). I have more civvies on the workbench to be painted over the next couple of weeks and then into silly season! Ho ho ho :-)