Hello chaps, I managed to clear the last of my RT civvies from the painting station – another C87 porter and two Rogue Trader era scribes that were unreleased at the time, but that have been produced by the wonderful people at Foundry produced from the original moulds. (These gems are available for sale here).

The C87 porter has been left untouched, but I just had to make some alterations to the scribes… the original has a ridiculous disco left arm thing going on, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live with it… One had a food repositioned and a mechanical arm added, while the other got an arm and a few bits from the Flagellans kit and a Skitarii backpack. All were painted quite quickly, without a huge amount of effort applied – they’re ok for the tabletop in my opinion. Here’s the three latest together:



And all the retainer types:



And all the Administratum types:



So that concludes my current batch of RT civvies! I may revisit this in the coming months – it’s been great fun to do and very satisfying, but life is getting a little bit too hectic at the moment, so I’m going to ease back on the hobby front. I do have 2 models undercoated that didn’t make the cut for my Rogue Quest party (a Paladin and a Fighter), and I have some scenic bits to work through on the Christmas break, but there is definitely going to be a change of pace for the next few weeks. I hope you’ll bear with me, and hopefully I’ll have some goodies to share in the new year :-)