Hello chaps, just the one finished model to show you this week – I have had him undercoated and kicking around the place for some time, so I thought I would crank him out with a view to clearing some backlog and sharpening up my brush work. This time it is the 1991 Penal Trooper – aka ‘The Human Bomb’, (political correctness being less of a thing 25 years ago!), though I prefer to look at him as a max security prisoner who is wired to go bang if he misbehaves rather than a walking piece of ordinance. I had the prison break scene in ‘The Running-man’ movie in mind, and, as such, I didn’t want him to look ‘equipped’. In the end, I just gave him a makeshift weapon using bits from the ever-popular Flagellants kit – I imagine he’s in the act of breaking out of Supermax, (or is mid-riot inside), and he has just grabbed the first hitty thing that he could lay his hands on:


Paint-wise, I embraced the deranged facial expression of the mini, accentuating this with a 2 o’clock shadow, and added some tattoos and a rather pleasing blood spatter effect. I couldn’t resist going with the obvious Guantanamo Orange for the jump suit, and I used Kantor Blue for the explosive vest. Happily, this ties him in with a few other little collections I have on the go:



Overall, a quick and satisfying paint job, and another half-finished piece off the list. That’s it for another week, catch you next week & have a great weekend :-)