Hello peeps, sorry but still no painted minis to share – still horribly busy with studying, working and Dadding. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom – I was up in the Nottingham area on the weekend, and took the opportunity to swing by Warhammer World with my tribe:


Blogging maestro Wugugast recently did a brilliant series on the many awesome displays that are housed there, so I’m not going to re-do what has already been done so well. However, there was a new display regarding the much anticipated relaunch of Blood Bowl, and I thought you folks might like to take a look:

img_0911 Box contents 1

img_0912 & 2

img_0913 Push-fit Orks

img_0914 and Humies

img_0915 Assembled Humies

img_0916 and Orks

img_0917 Alternative pitch on the reverse

img_0918 The Gouged Eye painted up

img_0919 and The Skavenblight Scramblers

img_0920 and the Reikland Reavers


I also snapped this, because nothing says ‘f*** you’ like an armoured company.



So that’s it for now dudes, sorry for the lack of anything new painted. My super-evil death cultists are close, but not quite there yet… but soon my pretties, soon…

M is for Murder

M is for Malice

M is for Malevolence

M is for…. ?