Greetings fellows! It has been a while since I last posted, and there’s a good reason for that. I’m finding my hobby time severely restricted at the moment – my degree course is hitting a critical point, and is consuming way more time than usual. I’m on the home stretch though, just 6 months to go before I’m done. In the meantime, I’m afraid that you can expect a slow-down from me in terms of hobby output.

It hasn’t been entirely barren though, me and my eldest had a session building Gargoyles for his fledgling Nid hoard:


He did a great job of focusing on this, and zero accidents! We’ll be walking through these over the next few weeks, so I’ll post up the results as we progress.

Also, I took a day out to go to Brighton a few weeks back to check out an Ian Miller exhibition. For those that don’t know, Ian was one of the original artists with Games Workshop, and his art is threaded throughout the older books and magazines. It was fantastic to see his work in the flesh, having admired it from afar for some 28 years or so. I loved one piece in particular, and after some serious head vs. heart warfare, I dipped into my savings and bought an art. ‘Rote 1’ now takes pride of place on my study/games room wall:


I have managed a little painting myself, but nothing that is ready to show yet… stand by though dudes and dudettes , because I’m putting together the most sinister, evil, vicious cult ever to grace this, or any other plane of existence! These guys piss all over Genestealers, kick the crap out of all Chaos cults, laugh in the face of Scientology and eat Satanists for breakfast… they didn’t even call Cultist Chan back after that crazy-hot afterparty at the 2013 Cult-con…  Seriously folks, these dudes are badass… be afraid.