Hi guys, I have a quick update for you lovely folks today – I’ve been up to my ears in an international relations theory essay for the last couple of weeks, but I did find the time to paint a few bits and pieces. I had a Werewolf kicking around his undercoat, and so I hit him with a super quick wash’n’drybrush paint job in between bouts of essay writing. A dash of blood & gore completes the job. The werewolf came with a bonus severed head, which got the same treatment:



I also painted a Mummy in the same way, minus the blood, plus a bit of the new GW gem paint to add a bit of interest to his amulet. He only took a couple of hours in total, so this is probably the quickest mini I have ever painted – I think he came out pretty well, despite the minimal effort:



I reckon this street patrol is bang in trouble…



Not much else to say about these really – the Mummy is from Northstar, and I can’t remember where the werewolf came from, but they are both pretty cool and were fun to paint. I’ll be using them in a pulp/Frostgrave crossover game with the kids over the hols – my youngest just loves werewolves, so this should be good fun.

I still have a few assorted skeletons to paint up over the next couple of weeks – my Lich Lord & retinue. After that, I’m hoping to use the holidays to put together a bits-box, blood bowl sci-fi crossover team, (or bbbbsfxot for short). I’m planning an undead team with a significant twist – it’s either going to be amazing or shite! Watch this space ;-)