Yeah boi! I have been waiting for weeks to do that particular post title! It was a toss-up between that or Prodigy’s ‘Smack my Lich up’, but Jay-Z just edged it :-)   Anyway, I digress. As you might have guessed, I gone done painted me a Lich, plus some undead homeboys to hang with. Here he is, along with some Wraith Knight body guards:


The Lich is from Otherworld Miniatures, and he is a lovely little sculpt, while the Wraith Knights are from Northstar and are pretty nice too. I also painted some armoured skellibob types – the two with the bronze scale armour are from Northstar, but I’m not sure where the other two duplicates are from…


This little collection represent the Lich Lord and his inner court. I continued with the purple/black/red/bone colour scheme I introduced on my Morris death cult, added some corrosion, etc. and job done. Here, the Lich raises a shambling horde to enact his will on the mortal world, while his inner court look on:


And here accepting tribute from some crazed Death Cultists:



So, that pretty much concludes my undead efforts – this little lot will do me just fine for Frostgrave, and for whatever else comes along. I may well add to this band in the future, simply because I enjoyed painting undead so much! However, this will probably be the last bit of painting for this year – I have some conversions in progress, (and more planned), but I doubt I’ll be picking up a brush until January…  My next project is back in the 40k universe – I am aiming for some heavily converted Inq28 style pieces with suitably Blanchesque paint jobs, so hopefully it’ll appeal to some of you a bit more than my recent delve into Fantasy… fingers crossed it all comes off! I will also try and do a 2016 retrospective between now and then, just for shiggles :-)

Anyhow, that’s it for another post – I’ll leave you with a few snaps of a pulp game I played with my kids over the weekend – Dr. Hraxi Jonas and his trusty sidekick Samwise Short-round, (plus some bloke with an angle grinder called Dave), take on a bunch of homicidal robots in the quest for the ‘Sapphires of DOOM!!!’



My eldest plays as Hraxi, while my youngest takes Short-round, (I took ‘Dave’, and AI’d the robots). We played a striped down version of Frostgrave rules to keep it fast and free-flowing (essential with younglings!), and we have a bit of a narrative going for replayability – the Sapphires are the price needed for silver bullets for a Christmas Werewolf hunt! My youngest already wants to know if getting bitten by a Werewolf would allow his character to turn into one… genius! Now where on earth am I going to find a Halfling sized Werebeast???

Anyway, have a good Christmas dudes, catch you all before the New Year :-)