Hi guys, a really quick post for you today – back in April I ran a small pulp game with my sons, where my eldest played Hraxi Jonas, (the interdimensionally famous xeno-archaeologist), and my youngest played Samwise Shortround, his plucky (and punchy!) sidekick. The game was based around killing off some death cultists and hunting down a werewolf, (more here). During the scrap, Shortround got bitten by the werewolf, (just before he delivered a crushing blow to the creature’s unmentionables), and my youngest asked whether this meant that his character could now turn into a werewolf himself… yeah, he’s a proper gamer in the making! Since then I have been keeping my eyes open for a suitable mini, and I spotted ‘the one’ at BOYL this year, the lovely wolfman by Tony Yates, so my son and I sat down to paint him over the weekend:

Hraxi & Shortround – Shortround starts to feel a bit peculiar…


…and transforms into beastform!


Here are the two faces of Samwise Shortround…


I was so impressed with how well my youngest concentrated during the painting, and he really did quite a lot by himself! He is also looking forward to working out rules for Shortround’s wolf-form, and we can expect a new adventure in a couple of weeks!

In other news, I have also been busily plugging away on my warband for The Chapel – I don’t normally post painting WIPs, but I just wanted to prove to Mark that I am on track :-)

That card in the background is all the painting recipes for this project – you can see why it is taking me so long!! Hopefully I’ll have these guys wrapped up this week, and then I can finish off the remaining tree constructs, (a much quicker job), before tackling the four forest bases I need to get through :-/