Hi guys, just a bit of fun this happy Tuesday – I thought I’d put up a couple of pics of a quick game I ran with my two boys over the weekend. We join Hraxi Jonas, (played by my eldest), and Samwise Shortround, (my youngest), as they set out to hunt down and kill an evil, no good, nasty Werewolf. Enjoy :-)

The intrepid duo in hiding, checking out a ruined temple…

where crazed cultists enact a dance to call the beast forth, foolishly thinking they can bend the creature to their will!

Something lurking in the forest, drawn by all the chanting…

It looks a tad angry to me! :-/

And then the killing starts – the Werewolf tears through the cultists like a hot werewolf through butter, while Hraxi and Shortround pick off a few crazies themselves before finally confronting the beast on the temple alter….

After a flurry of blows, Hraxi eventually traps the beast with his whip, (thanks to a reroll granted by his lucky hat), which allows Shortround to deliver a crushing punch to the creature’s unmentionables – the beast falls and the heroes win the day! Hurah!

All in all, this was a fun little game with the kids – loose rules, quick action, a bit of mental arithmetic and plenty of narrative to keep them interested :-)

Tune in tomorrow for a new painted thing!!