Greetings Earthlings, and welcome back for another post – this one covers my final stretch for the finish line on Fembruary! I managed to get three ladies finished since my last post, and given the Siouxsie and the Banshees inspiration, I went back over the band’s discography & picked a name from tracks on each of their eleven studio albums. First up we have Poppy:


Next is Switch:


Finally, we have Christine:


Logically, this leaves eight names to be assigned, (and I will certainly continue to add to this gang & use these names further down the road), but the Fembruary tranche of Banshees are done:


It has been a great little project thus far, and I am so chuffed with the wider take-up on Fembruary – it has been a good talking point I think, and a healthy way to challenge how we all think about the representation of women in our male dominated hobby. Thank you to everyone who got involved, and (if no one objects), I’m going to go back over the various blog posts that I have seen on the subject and pull down pics of your contributions for a ‘Fembruary round-up’ post. I’m aiming for the 8th of March (International Woman’s Day) to do that – that seems an auspicious day to collate and share the excellent kick-ass female miniatures you folks have put together. I’ll also be continuing with The Banshees during March for Women’s History Month, (so plenty more to look forward to on this subject). But… before that, I have one evening to do something for Azazel’s ‘finish a neglected model in February’ challenge… ;-)