Greetings Terrans! Wow, it has been a long and unproductive few weeks, but finally I have something worth sharing – the legendary Kal Jericho and his trusty sidekick Scabs. I’ve tried to follow the artwork from this book for Kal – I wouldn’t normally copy so blatantly, but it just seems appropriate for a named character:


And this is how they turned out:


Not too shabby, eh? These guys are brilliant minis, and I should have had great fun painting them… so I’m questioning why the hell I didn’t have fun, and why it took me so long to finish them! Truth is, dear reader, that I’m really struggling to be arsed to paint (or do) anything at the moment… We’re having a ridiculous heatwave here in the home counties of England, so I’m permanently hot, stuffy & tired… I really don’t do well in the heat I’m afraid – it tends to send me the wrong side of grumpy. Yes, I’m sorry to say that I am one of those moany old ‘it’s too hot’ types! Oh, and I still have my summer hayfever to look forward to as well, (and all the face-leaking joy that goes along with it). Oh rapture.

Anyway, as a result of my general ‘can’t be arsed to move’ mood, I have soooo many things piling up on the ‘get this bloody painted’ list, and I don’t really know where to start! I’d really like to get the last of my Eru-Kin finished up, and I have some stuff to sort out for Mark over at Heresyofus, but it’s just too damn hot to spray anything. I also have a few odds and ends to get ready for BOYL in (gasp) less than 4 weeks! I’d better get cracking with some clean-up, conversioning & basing, and just keep my fingers crossed for a cooler spell… (grumble, grumble, bugger…)