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Greetings Terrans, I have another unit of ‘Ork Warriors’ finished for the Wolf Time campaign, (35 down, 67ish to go). This is another ‘Bolters and Bolt Pistols’ Warrior skwad, and will defend Gov’ner Kulo in the final scenario of the Wolf Time campaign. As with all the squads so far, I wanted a clear spot colour to help with tabletop identification… I’ve already used purple, blue, green, yellow, red and orange… I’m reserving white for the final Ork Warriors unit, grey for the two ‘teknishun skwads’, keeping black for the power-armoured guards, and brown for all ‘Scumbos’… Basically, I’m running low on options here, so this skwad gets a slightly unusual choice of spot colour:

Now, I know that this is a pretty unconventional choice, but pink is lovely with the green skin tone, and I really like it! I imagine that the skwad adopted it because it’s the same colour as humie skin, so it’s bound to be terrifying to the enemy :-)

Also, this unit is notable for the inclusion of LE1 – the original and firstest ever GW Space Orc! He’s the chap in the middle with the bigger base, and is the leader of this skwad. I really like the aesthetics of this mini – he has a more simian, hunched appearance than his successors, and this really helps to make this Ork look a lot more alien and bestial than later RT Ork minis. I believe that Bob Naismith sculpted this chap, before Kev Adams took on the range and cemented the more cartoony look that we all know and (mostly) love – a look that arguably still defines the range to this day. However, I really, really like the aesthetic of LE1 – in fact, I prefer it to Kev’s interpretation, (*gasp!!*), and I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if Naismith had been kept working on the range…


In other news, the excellent Mark of Heresyofus fame came to visit me over the weekend for a few games of Stylites, and to show me the development of a new (and very clever) board system that he’s been working on! Keep an eye out for a proper post on the subject from me later in the week, with loads of cool photos & info from the weekend, but here’s a little teaser for you in the meantime :-)

Have a good one folks!