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Greetings Terrans, how goes it? It has been a busy couple of weeks, with lots of building, sculpting, and general hobby ‘admin’, but not much in the way of finished stuff to share! That said, I do have another unit of ‘Ork Warriors’ finished for the Wolf Time campaign, (30 down, 72ish to go). As with the ‘Red Skwad’, these guys are all armed with Bolters and Bolt Pistols, and will lurk in Gov’ner Kulo’s inner sanctum (fnaar fnaar). This time, I’ve gone with a rather fetching orange as the squad spot colour:


These guys were slightly slow to get finished, mostly because I had a ‘small’ terrain project jump the painting queue last week. That project hit a bump & won’t be ready to show until next week, but here’s a teaser for you:

Hmmm!!! Mysterious, no?


I’ve also been prepping the next round of Orks to paint, which necessitated some more Greenstuff shenanigans. Here’s a sample WIP of some Ork Teknishuns wot all needed Greenstuff swords & pistols to go with their Plasma Guns (of course…):

Ok, so I know some of these are actually flamers, but fuck you internet – I’m calling them Plasma ‘because Orks’ :-)


Speaking of ‘pain-in-the-arse’ non-existent minis, I’ve also been thinking about the remaining Orks that I need to sort out – all of which have few or no ‘official’ models… You’d think that Skumbos (sword & pistol), and Ork Guards (Bolter, Chainsword & Power Armour), would be plentiful and easy to source, but they are not. I’ve already moaned about the complete lack of power armoured bolter/chainsword combos in a previous post, but you’d think that at least the Skumbos would be plentiful enough, right? Er… no. There are about 5 ‘official’ Rogue Trader RT02/4402 pistol & sword minis of the right age… and I need 25… *sigh*

My current plan is to use fantasy Orcs of the correct vintage, but, of course, they’ll all need converting to some extent. With that in mind, I’ve been playing around with press-moulding bits so I can produce the correct weapon options for these sods… I have had very little success so far, but I will persevere… You can say what you like about this sanity of tackling this project with such strict self-imposed restrictions, but it is definitely developing my hobby skills!

Until next time people – have a great week :-)