Greetings Terrans, I’m happy to report that a) I’m back in the saddle with Project Wolf Time, and b) the last squad of Scumbos is finished:


Nothing to say about these guys that hasn’t been said before really, although the banner bearer did give me the opportunity to try out my freehand on a Space Wolf freehand chapter badge… I’ll have enough of these to do soon enough! Also note the old school yellow helmet stripes – proper RT style ;-)


Here’s a group shot of the whole Scumbo collective – what a rabble :-)


That just leaves me with the power armoured Orks, and the characters to do… we’re on the home stretch!


I also had a visit with Mark @ Heresyofus over the weekend – a chance to drink tea, talk Salute, kick some ideas around for Mag Bellum, and chuck some dice around. Salute is going to be awesome & I can’t wait, but I’m really really excited about where Mark is going with Mag Bellum… Hopefully there will be some more news in that regard soon…

As for the game, we put our Mag Bellum sets together to make a really smart board, and went at it – Exodites vs. Black Shields & Inquisitorix:

My Scorpions managed to break through and destroy the Daemonic manifestation in the end, but really the day was won by the terrain, the models, and (of course) the dice gods!