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Greetings Terrans, how goes it? It has been slow progress for yours truly lately – turns out painting shonky 1980s Space Marines it quite laborious, but I do have a bit of something to share with you today. If you remember, last time I had a bunch of tactical Marines painted but no missile launchers to complete their squads – the build for the ML guys took a little longer because a) I converted them from Marines that were not intended to carry a heavy weapon, and b) they all had arms sculpted to a greater or lesser extent. The metal heavy weapons Marines don’t work well with the old RTB01 missile launcher, so I had to get creative! Here they all are doing the ‘show off your sculpted arm conga’:


Huge thanks to Mark at Heresyofus for casting up all those missile launchers for me! Here they are in a more natural pose – note that Mr. Blue and Mr. Green had their left arms/hands sculpted too:


The missile launchers, (plus some armour graffiti), completes Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Tac squads:


And they are joined by Purple and Orange Tac squads:


This completes the Tactical contingent of the Space Wolves, and is actually more than half the total Marine force finished already! Here they all are, ready to cock a leg and kick some arse:


I’ll be tackling the Devastators next, so you’ll have to endure another lull as I tackle the next building phase I’m afraid. I do have some news about another aspect of the project though – I have commissioned & collaborated with Mark over at Heresyofus to develop an expansion to the Mag Bellum concept that will allow me to create Kulo’s Castle in 3D for the final game of the scenario. I popped around his place over the weekend & got to see some of his prototypes first hand:

Exciting times dudes! Catch you all soon :-)