Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I wanted to put out a quick post to elaborate on the four DoK Melusai I did for Fembruary – they are intended to grow the small DoK warband I started last year, very much with Warcry in mind. Collectively named ‘The Wrath’, these four outcasts have sought Seros out, as rumours of her status as prophetess have spread:

I’ve gone for a 50/50 split between hitty Bloodsisters, and shooty Bloodstalkers. I also built one as a Bloodstalker Krone in case I wanted her lead the warband some time instead of Seros herself (who will count as a Bloodsister Gorgai).


Speaking of Seros, I originally built her without a specific weapon loadout in mind, and she needed a big shitty spear to roll as a Gorgai. I didn’t want to mess with the model, so I had the idea of converting a male Dark Elf retainer to carry it for her, along with some yummy squeezy-heart drinks:

As he took shape, I decided that he represents Kaulgar from the background fiction that I wrote last year. (TL;DR, Kaulgar was Seros’ lover before Morathi found out about the couple & got all cursey and shit). Kaulgar won’t have an active role in-game, and is just there for fluff reasons.


I also used some spare bits from the Blood Cauldron to create some themed scenery – nothing fancy, just using up bits to make some themed scatter:


And here’s the whole warband as it stands, ready to make their way into the Bloodwind Spoil:



Finally, a bit of accompanying fluff – I want this warband to be really driven by the narrative, and for them to have a good reason for venturing into the Bloodwind Spoil. If you like, you can read more about Seros’ background here and here, before you get the latest instalment:


For many months, Seros continued to grow her strength during her exile in Chamon, the Realm of Metal. Increasing numbers of would-be followers sought her out, but most failed to survive the venomous ‘kiss’ she used to single out the worthy. Those that did undertake the ritual consistently displayed the blood-red flesh and ruined face that characterised her followers, but more extreme mutations also began to manifest themselves.

Seros intuitively knew that the mutating power of her venom would increase in potency as she grew in power, and with growing excitement, she observed that some Aelves undergoing the ritual began the painful transformation to forms that resembled the half-snake Melusai, or graceful winged Khinerai. However, they always succumbed to her increasingly potent venom, and her Chamonite lair became littered with the bones of such failed aspirants.

Fused femurs and ribs were mixed with twisted and elongated spines and the bones of vestigial bat wings, and the skeletal remains began to pile up in drifts. Seros made no attempt to hide these remains, and her reputation as a rising power ensured that new aspirants continued to arrive and subject themselves to the ritual in spite of the danger. Their mutated bones continued to join those of their predecessors, until eventually the day came when a quartet of Aelves proved strong enough to withstand the transformation to Melusai. These four became the first of Seros’ elite foot soldiers, and were thereafter known as The Wrath of Seros.

The creation of The Wrath was a pivotal point in the rise of Seros – for the first time in history, Melusai were created that did not originate from Morathi herself. Seros knew that her power had passed a crucial nexus, and that her former mistress would not bear another to share her ability to reshape Aelven souls to create new life. Seros began to get restless – she knew that she needed to move on from Chamon, but was unsure where to strike out. It was at this point that a lone Warlock found her lair – the first male Aelf to have done so.

Her followers immediately surrounded the Warlock and were about to execute the intruder out of hand, for Khainites have little tolerance for males within their society. Seros stayed their murderous instincts, for she recognised this Warlock as none other than her former lover Kaulgar, and her heart broke anew. Kaulgar also recognised Seros, and while his heart and soul were no longer capable of feeling love thanks to the Doomfire runes were burned into his flesh, he certainly remembered their time together, and he remembered the vengeance that they owed to Morathi.

This was why Kaulgar had sought Seros out after all this time – he had travelled widely since the fateful day that they were cursed, and had learned much. He spoke to Seros of a wild and dangerous place called the Eightpoints – a bastion of chaos, but one littered with items of  vast power. He proposed that they venture to the Eightpoints via the Bloodwind Spoils, seeking such artefacts, looking to grow the power they would need to overthrow Morathi once and for all. We join Seros and Kaulgar as they leave Chamon and embark on their quest for revenge against a goddess.


So that’s it for now folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this update to the narrative. I think I’ll be adding a few winged terrors to this warband over the coming weeks, and maybe a few surprises as well – we’ll see how March goes.

One thing for sure, I’ll be starting my prep for BOYL in April, so expect a pivot back to the Oldhammer scene between Easter and Summer 😊