Greetings Terrans, I have a bit of a photo dump for you today – a bunch more LotD for your viewing pleasure. I apologies in advance, I’m not sure what each type is called, and I can’t be arsed to check. Also, these came out of a big crate I have that is just full of Conquest frames, so there is no rhyme or reason to these – I just built what came to hand, and I built them as they were meant to be made… Nothing fancy here, other than chips and scratched carved in, and the removal of all purity seals. So in no particular order:

First up, a 5 man unit:

And a top down view to show off their shoulder pads a bit:

I used all the guys without scopes on their bolters for this squad, and gave them a dynamic squad leader type. Not sure if he is a Sergeant or a Lieutenant, but he looks suitably aggressive for this unit.


Second, another 5 man unit:

And another top-down:

I used all the guys with scopes this time – they look a bit more ‘stand-off and shoot’ to me, and the squad leader reflects that. I also included the standard in this unit – I’m rather pleased with how it came out!


Finally, we have some specialist types:

And top down:

I think the Plasma guys are called Hellblasters, and I think the big jump-pack guy is an Aggressor? Whatever they are called, they made a fun change from the Bolter boys. One thing to note here – I really don’t like using flying bases on mins if I can help it, and I didn’t want to use one on the jump-pack guy. I tried to make it look like he was just dropping over the wall, and had kicked a bit of rubble off as he clipped the top. The illusion isn’t perfect, but I still prefer it to a flying stand…


Anyway, that’s it for today – I’ll be coming back to these guys at a later date, but we’re done for now. Next week I have been forced to take leave, so I’m going to go through the Wolf Time campaign again with the kids. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that 😊