Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I have something new and different to share with you today (yey!!). I fancied a break from my LoTD project & picked up a Truescale Marine that I had converted by splicing bits from the LE2 anniversary Marine on to a Primaris bod. I wanted to paint him up to include in my Daemon Ink warband, so green and gold was very much the order of the day. I also really liked his crazy experimental gun, so figured that the Mentor Legion would be a good fit for him. I went back through my OldHammer book stash, and found this beauty of an illustration in the 40k Compendium from 1989:

I wanted to follow the colour scheme & markings as closely as I could – whoever designed that Chapter badge is a sadistic sod, but I gave it a damn good go. The only real deviation from the book art is the use of gold instead of yellow for the chest & left shoulder studs, and the repeat of the Chapter badge & Tutor marking on the left leg. I also added a Chapter number to the right knee & some chequered detailing on the right hip for a bit of visual interest. I added some light battle damage, and this is what I ended up with:

I have also been clearing out my loft & found a Kill Team box that I had picked up a while back. As I was thinking about my Daemon Ink warband, painting up the ‘Elucidian Starstriders’ to join the crew was a no-brainer, so I quickly assembled the Voidsmen to paint up. I love the steampunk vibe with these guys, and was reminded of Nemo and his crew in the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, (a very underrated film in my opinion!). With that in mind, I did a very light conversion on the squad leader & swapped his head for a turbaned one that came free with a modelling magazine. I also repositioned the head on the rotor-cannon guy – no big deal, but the face on look stuck out a bit too much for my taste. Other than that, I left these minis well alone – they are gorgeous as they are if you ask me! Again, I let the green & gold of the Inquisitor guide my palette, and ended up with this:

So here’s the whole warband as it stands today – not too bad eh?

I’m particularly pleased that they manage to be cohesive without being uniform. I’m also happy with how big the Marine is in proportion to the baseline humans – just what I wanted!!

Anyway, that’s all for now – I’ll be finishing of the rest of the Starstriders in the run up to Christmas, and then I might go back to the LoTD, or maybe dip into the Blackstone Fortress… we’ll see what floats my boat… Peace out dudes, stay safe out there!