Greetings Terrans, a slightly bizarre little post from me today, I’ve been a bit of a hobby butterfly & got side-tracked… Not my fault though – I had an interesting challenge from Mark over at Hereseyofus – ‘do you think you could make a few lesser Daemons’ (for his Daemon Ink campaign) … well, what could I say? Of course, I agreed, but didn’t have any actual Daemons to hand, just a ridiculous pile of bits, a shit load of glue, some Greenstuff and a head full of dreams.

First things first, with any challenge like this, I like to set some parameters and guidelines to frame the project, and after a bit of mulling, I came up with the following:

1: No money to be spent – if it ain’t in the bits-crate (it’s too big to be a bits-box) then it ain’t happening

2: A proper unit of 10, with Leader, Musician & Standard (old-school), and with a solid look to unite them, but…

3: Proper mixed up Daemons from no particular Chaos power – not too uniform, I wanted influences from across the animal kingdom and beyond

4: Disturbing rather than cheesy

5: Quick and easy to finish with contrast paints and a relaxed & messy style

Wading through the bits-crate produced a goodly amount of Sylvaneth bits, and some random Dark Elf cavalry (as you do – some half-arsed project idea from a while back no doubt). Hmmm… 5 horses… that’s 10 pairs of legs right there! A quick bit of tree, a Genestealer skull and a DE cavalry weapon arm, and I had this in hand:


I quickly got to work and assembled 9 more, fiddled & fettled them, and then broke out the putty… A few days later the paint went on, and I ended up here:

Chaotic AF!!

I roughly painted them in 5 pairs, with each pair getting a different contrast paint as the start point. I then went back in with washes, drybrushing, gunk, blood, technical, etc… minimum effort really, just fart-arsing about until it looked ok. Here they are in fives & with angles:

I must admit that I’m pretty pleased with this effort from essentially a disparate pile of bits, and I hope you like ‘em too! I wish I’d done them all with the paler skin tone, but fuck it – chaos is as chaos does  😊