Greetings Terrans, yes, it’s another Conan post today – continuing the interminable slog through the frankly staggering quantity of minis that came out of the Kickstarter. As promised last week, we’re going to take a look at a trio of slashy/stabby types.

First up we have a character called ‘Pallantides’:

On paper, this should be a really nice mini – a classic Paladin type, but for some unfathomable reason they twisted the poor dude’s torso around into an impossible pose… it’s worse in-hand that it might appear in the photos, but this above shot shows the extent of the situation:

Now you try to get yourself in that pose… not easy without dislocating a shoulder! Still, it is what it is, and a classic gold & purple scheme gives it a degree of respectability I suppose.


Next we have a much nicer mini – ‘Valeria’:

This is a much better mini – probably one of the best in the whole box in fact! I think Valeria has the rare distinction of being the only character apart from Conan who appears in the game, the books, and the film too, so that’s pretty cool. I went for quite naturalistic tones here – I quite like the piratical look that I seem to have captured!


Finally, we have this big fella – ‘Amboola’:

This is another oddly posed mini, but at least this one is anatomically feasible and he was good fun to paint. I’ve given him a very deep skin tone to contrast with the leather armour, and I’m really pleased with how the little dashes of red & metal work to break up the figure & add interest.

Here’s a final shot of the three together:


And that’s it for another week! It’ll be a couple of weeks before I post again, but when I do, it’ll be to show the bashy/hacky trio from the ‘Dressed/Fighters’ sub-category 😊