Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Sorry it has been a while since I last posted – I’ve been on hols & so took a break from doing too much on-line shit. I’ve still managed a bit of hobby here and there though – surprise, surprise, it’s more from the never-ending Conan game… As promised, it’s the bashy/hacky trio from the ‘Dressed/Fighters’ sub-category.

First up, ‘Constantius’:

Constantius is a bit underwhelming as a model – not sure why really, he’s just a bit meh. He comes up a bit small and weedy, which is accentuated by him being mounted on a bigger base than his peers, and he’s pretty plain in terms of detail. Not bad exactly, but not good either, which is disappointing for a ‘Leader’ model.


Next we have ‘Olgerd Vladislav’:

Olgerd is a much nicer mini – great pose, and just the right amount of detail to be interesting without exceeding the capabilities of the material. His face was particularly pleasant to paint, and he’s really got a lot of character I think.


Finally, we have ‘Hyperborean Primitive’:

He’s another mini that’s on the decent end of the quality spectrum & he panted up very nicely. Again, there is plenty of detail without hitting the point where the plastic let down the model. The skull helm worked particularly well I thought, and was no bother to paint up.

As usual, here’s the group shot:


And that’s all for another post – tune in next time for a trio of evil priesty/wizardy types!