Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you all well. Big day today droogs – I have finally finished all the Conan models from the Kickstarter!!! I’ve saved what I think is the best mini for last – the very Lovecraftian ‘Thog’:

This was a crazy thing to paint – having so much going on made it quite tricky to balance visually, so it was a really involved process. I had loads of fun wet-blending across the model, taking full advantage of the surface area to really play around with different skin tones and effects. It’s a pig to photo, but hopefully you get the idea 😊

Here’s a pic to give you an idea of scale:

So that’s it for this project – all 188 individual models are done & boxed up safely, (or are in the display cabinet if they are too big for the case). I suspect that these minis will come in useful in a number of different ways over the years, either as general bestiary items, as cheap toy soldiers for kids & pals to play Dragon Rampant with, or even forming warbands for any of the Frostgrave stable of games! Even more importantly, I had an absolute blast painting the whole set – low pressure/high volume painting is a real sweet spot for me & other than the pirates, I didn’t get fed up at all over the 6 months that it took me to get through it. Sure, they aren’t all brilliant models by any stretch of the imagination, but most are certainly adequate, and some are actually really very good! Each one was a little more practice with Contrast paints & collectively, the project has made me a better painter I think.

It might’ve taken me six years to get around to finish, but not a bad return for $135 😊