Greetings Terrans, just a quick post for me today – painting time has been more compressed than usual since the last post, so I only have 2 minis to show you this week… That said, they are pretty hefty – it’s the two ‘Kosargi Nightguard’:

The fluff for these guys is that they are loyal Bodyguard Ogors (i.e. Ogres for frickin’ frick’s sake – these stoopid IP-protecting names get right on my nerves). These henchies were loyal in life, and remain so in undeath, providing the big man some serious close support. They were great fun to paint, with loads of space for adding texture & highlights. I went pretty heavy with the corrosion & gunk, because I really wanted this dudes to look ‘dug up’. I also copied the orange beard trick from Radukar, just to bring in some colour & give the mini a focal point (again, the faces were pretty obscured in all that fur!).

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you this week – this post is literally the opposite of the subject matter (‘short and sweet’ rather than ‘tall and… savoury’?!?). Catch you next time droogs 😊