Greetings Terrans, just a very quick post today – it doesn’t feel like it warrants a big fuss, but I did some more things for the Cursed City:

As with the zombies and skeletons, the hanged skellies can be built in two ways so you end up with a spare of each top/front piece. I liked them so much that I decided to embellish the tombstone markers with the spare pieces. Incredibly, these are the only conversions I have made so far!


As I was doing markers, I thought I’d crank out the other four while I was at it:

All very straight forward stuff – I painted the imps as gargoyles and so copied the same approach for stone & masonry that I’ve been using for a while.


Finally, as I was doing odds and sods, I thought I might as well paint up the two zombie-cats:

These were fun – the paler one is meant to be Siamese & is an homage to my own dearly departed pet cat… The kids pulled a face when I showed them but it amuses me, and I suspect that the cat wouldn’t be offended 😊


Anyway, that’s the last of my quarantine output, back to normal as of midnight!!