Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Happily, my brush with Covid is progressing nicely – my case was very mild, (which I am attributing to being vaccinated), and my self-quarantine finishes on midnight Saturday. Self-isolating in your own home is a weird and rather sad affair, and I am looking forward to hugging my wife and kids on Sunday morning! That said, being stuck in one room has given me plenty of opportunity to paint, so I really cracked on this week and painted the bony side of the box!

First up, Watch Captain Halgrim:

I had great fun with this guy – as with the Zombies I shared last week, I spent way more effort on this than I usually would for a skeleton, but the mini really deserved the extra care. I wanted the armour to look really old and corroded, but with hints of gold here and there to hint at ancient finery. I followed the same thought process on the hip plate, (the Tasset?), and added some tiny cheques to give a little more detail.


Next up, the skellies, in groups of five:

I followed the same approach as I did for Halgrim, with the only notable addition being the banner. I thought about trying for some sort of heraldry for Ulfenkarn, but settled for a tried and tested flaming skull approach instead.

Here they are all together, ready for action:


That’s all for now folks – a few more days of isolation to get through, so I may have more progress to share sooner than would otherwise be the case! Stay safe out there droogs 😊